First look inside Aranofsky’s version of Noah’s Arc

A photo snuck online recently showing what kind of living conditions Noah and his family will endure when living on their Arc. It’s not a pretty site. Not pretty at all in fact as the whole place is a cesspool for wildlife. If you have issues with snakes you may not wanna see this…



That’s a lot of reptiles. I’m assuming that there’s 2 of each kind of snake as opposed to just 2 snakes on the boat. This imagery gives us an idea of the visual tone of the film but there’s still a lot to learn here. Aranofsky is not the type of director to create a film that someone would describe as ‘typical’ so I whole heatedly expect the Aranofsky ‘mind-fuck’ to present itself at some point.


This is not what I expected, you?


Oh, and a few sites pulled this image down so enjoy it while it’s here.


Via: JoBlo



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