Our first look at Evangeline Lilly as The Hobbit’s Tauriel

I’ve been tip-toeing around my fascination with Evangeline Lilly’s inclusion in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. There’s something mesmerizing about this woman, to me anyway, and the idea of seeing her in epic Elvish warrior garb is something that I’d been intrigued about and today we have our first glimpse of her as Tauriel. Sort of. It’s a pic taken from some promotional merchandise but it’s better than nothing. Here, take a look:



You don’t see her in action but you see her in costume complete with Elvish ears. Something about those perfectly symmetrical faces with those Elf ears is just…AMAZING.


Is this what you pictured in your head too? I think it’s spot on to what I imagined.


Via: Slash Film



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