International Trailer: Django Unchained


We certainly haven’t heard enough about Django Unchained within recent weeks but a new trailer to re-fuel Internet board talk is this new International trailer for the film. Okay, maybe it won’t encourage much talk within forums because there’s only a few snippets of new footage but I really don’t care. It’s more than enough.



There was a lot of what I┬álove about Tarantino in that trailer. It practically oozed up and slapped you in the face. It was brief but it used the time well to leave an impression with me. There;s a kit if splosions in that trailer and I have to admit that I’m impressed. The fall and summer seem to be incredibly appealing with this and Tarantino’s pal The RZA’s film. This is gonna be a very pleasing Christmas indeed…

Via: Movieweb

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