First Shots of Chris Hemsworth in ‘RUSH’


The first official shots of Ron Howards’ latest offering have finally made their way online and shows us that everybody under the sun is diggiging up all their yet to be released Chris Hemsworth films and releasing them to the masses for consumption. This film follows the real life story of the competitiveness of James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Austrian racer Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl).



This is a great year for the Hemsworth clan as all three brothers seem to be growing in popularity practically in synchronization. I’m a fan of racing and have some interest in this film but I’d like to see some more of the movie in motion to get a real good feel for what these guys have to offer (besides hot chicks). The film is expected to release  September 20,  2013 so there’ll be plenty of time for convincing. That’s all for now…


Via: Empire



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