Red Band trailer for ‘The Watch’, formerly ‘Neighborhood Watch’

Neighborhood Watch looked to be a fun comedy. Then controversy happened and the movie got retitled to ‘The Watch’ in order to distance itself from said controversy. New Name, same brand of conglomerated Ben Stiller/Vince Vaughn/ Johah Hill comedy. Today we get a Red Band trailer to show us the defining characteristing of said conglomerated comedy. Let’s digest:

Sci-Fi!? Nobody told me that this was a Sci-Fi!!! Why didn’t they tell me??? Don’t they know that our nerd endings love the sensation of Sci-Fi around here!! So much time has been wasted and now I have to retroactively ingest more inforamtion about this film that may have slipped through the cracks!



*signs off*

Via: IGN

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3 thoughts on “Red Band trailer for ‘The Watch’, formerly ‘Neighborhood Watch’

  1. I am sensing this is going to be like another painful Ben Stiller movie; the type where he gets his ass kicked for the entire film. Jonah Hill was funny for a while, but like Seth Rogan, he has kind of gotten very old in terms of making people laugh. Ben Stiller has just become tedious and painful to watch. 

    Though there is a chance at this film being good, it is extraordinarily slim.

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