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A new image has been unearthed showcasing Colin Farrell with a flaming gun. Well, not really a flaming gun but this still showcases some of the effects of either a high powered rifle or the futures’ most portable blowtorch…

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"When you meet your God tell him to leave me alone."


Anime fan’s can rejoice that Viz Media is now master licensor in North America for Berserk: Golden Age Arc Trilogy. I recall seeing “BERSERKKUUUUUUUUUUUUUU” at some point a few years back. A man with a way too large sword raging out and kicking ass, am I close?
First movie will be available in North America this fall.


Chris Kline was pranked by Jason Biggs first day on set. This is too funny.

Just watch!

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“There’s only one man who can get her out.


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Mocking Jay

While the folks behind the Hunger Games series work on clearing up questions about directorial duties, which will have to begin filming this fall either way, we can confirm that Jennifer Lawrence’s will be able to reprise her role as Masquerading mutant “Mystique” in January when the film is scheduled to begin filming. The rumor is that Fox shifted their schedule to accomodate for her commitments to the Hunger Games but had first dibs on Lawrence either way as their binding contract preceded her Hunger Games contract. confusing stuff.

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