Trailer: Kirsten Dunst in ‘Upside Down’

I Came across a very interesting trailer for a movie starring Kirsten Dunst! Hey, get back over here! Seriously, I tend to dislike her performances as well, but she’s been on a real ‘art house’ film kick lately and her latest flick is an interesting take on the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ concept with an interesting twist.

See, it’s a pretty interesting take on the familiar story. I dig the art direction, and the concept of half the world living on the opposite end of the gravity. My one problem with this flick? It looks too much like the Justin Timeberlake/Amanda Seyfried flick ‘In Time’. If there’s some ‘gravity police’ and a ‘gravity gang’ then I’m gonna see this as a borderline remake. I want to see more of this just to see what else can set this film apart from everything else.

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