Riddick Sequel Script News

Vin Diesels arguably best work Pitch Black and the not so great Chronicles of Riddick has another franchise entry in the works.  While this is by now old news, the plot and script details shared by Moviehole is not.

After a brief introduction in which were reunited with Riddick, surrounded by monsters, on a barren planet… we flash back to how Riddick ended up there.

We meet LORD MARSHAL Riddick. Nobody much likes that Riddick’s royalty now (he loves it; he gets to screw hot chicks) – as evident by the assassins that try and take him out at any and every opportunity – especially the necromancers, who are dead against the anointment of a furyan as a leader.
In exchange for the title, Riddick’s reluctant right-hand man and necro Vaako (Karl Urban’s character from the previous film; Urban will likely do it since the character is only in it for a short while) agrees to drop Riddick off at his home, Furya.
One thing leads to another and, much like the first film, Riddick finds himself stranded on a monster-infested planet. Instead of it leading to a rescue mission, his distress beacon catches the attention of a couple of merc teams (it would seem Vaako had dispatched them to kill Riddick while he’s isolated; not entirely true) who go after him with ill intentions.
One of the teams is lead by someone connected to an old enemy… someone from ”Pitch Black”.

I will say it again Pitch Black was great, sitting on my shelf from time to time it pulls me back for another go, that said are they not just pulling a Mulligan with this movie? Once again back on a barren planet surrounded by monsters, fine you upped the ante with mercs making for an even stickier situation. I may be completely off here but to me this does not sound very interesting.

Sandwich in a story line between the previous movies or better yet a prequel to Pitch Black, now the latter sounds way more fun than Riddick in this same-shit-different-day scenario.

Whats your take?

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12 thoughts on “Riddick Sequel Script News

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  2. Pitch Black was the business. The second was only ok. They’ve been talking about making a another one in this franchise since forever. I wish they would just do it already of forget about it.

  3. ya he just seemed so dominant in the first movie, kickin aliens a$$es like nothing, then hes just wimpy and gets whooped in parts in the second one xD honestly liked the series tho, but will probably see this outside movie theatres xD

  4. pitch black was a whole different kind of movie I remeber seeing that in the theater not knowing realy what it was it was an impulse movie with a chic who wanted to see a scary movie and it was awsome .

    riddick was a cool character but the new movies will never be anything like pitch black but I still wanna see them maybe I wont spend 15 bucks to see it but its a definat rental or dvd sale buy.

    and the video game was way better than the second movie.

  5. As long as the title is still The Chronicles of Riddick: Dead Man STALKING (??) I’ll line up to see it. Yeah, Riddick was a really dumb movie but it was fun in that B-movie way. Even though Pitch Black was legitimate SF, this franchise will always strike me as dumb and fun, a better recipe than most these days.

  6. I loved the first one so much but the second was so dissapointing. ( Don’t even remember how it ended.)
    Just show Riddick kicking but like the first one without all the religious crap.

  7. Since he’ll be on Furya, we might just get some insight into his origins, and secrets of his people. I never liked the idea of him being an emperor anyway.

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