Ryan Reynolds talks Deadpool

I can’t believe it myself, but it seems that this guy is still committed to bring the merc with a mouth to the silver screen. I mean, I really thought this Green Lantern stuff would have curtailed any future dealings with Marvel as DC’s movie cast Reynolds in the role shortly after he committed to Deadpool but Green Lantern actually managed to move into production while Deadpool is moving at bit slower. Check out what he has to say:

Via: Latino Review

I like his optimism but the guy is an actor. He’s trained to fool me into believing his performance. I would be a bit more confident in this movie if there were more details at this point, but I have to say that I have serious reservations that we’ll get the Deadpool movie that I’ve WE’VE been clamoring for, or that he won’t drop out of this movie altogether due to his not so secret super busy long line of movies that has his name attached to star. I’m happy for his success but some of us are getting a bit anxious already! </endrant>

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8 thoughts on “Ryan Reynolds talks Deadpool

    1. How so? I personally can’t stand this guy except for in Van Wilder….but to say he is the wrong guy for the role is utter garbage. He is Deadpool exactly.

      1. I agree. In rare occasions when Reynolds rises above the snarky comedy routine he is even more brilliant, but his style of sarcasm and delivery are just perfect for this character.

      2. Exactly. He is perfect for Deadpool, which is why he should never have done Green Lantern in the first place. If he wanted to dip his toe into the DC Universe it should have been for The Flash.

        Obviously I haven’t seen GL yet, but the trailers are terrible.

    1. Why should they? It appears they have the agenda:

      – lead actor

      – a director

      – a script

      – a general idea on budget (modest)

      – Few (if any) X-Men ties.
      I say “few” because right now, X-Men is the name brand; Deadpool isn’t, Also “average” filmgoers might tend to think there is a XO Wolverine connection anyway. I expect some satire/commentary by Wilson’s 4th wall on the matter anyway.

      So, in a nutshell–they know what they want to do and they know where to go. I think as long as the budget remains modest, it’s a go.

  1. Promises, Promises, I got a feeling he’ll get dropped for this (not coming out anyways) film after the reviews come back for green lantern.

    just a hunch.

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