Coming Soon: The Lion King 3D

3D is not going anywhere anytime soon and today we learn that Disney is re-committing to the 3rd dimension with a 3D re-release of their most successful animation ever. Yes, the Lion King is coming back to theaters to reclaim it’s spot as King re-introduce audiences to one of Disney’s most beloved films of all time.

Source: THR

Disney is bringing The Lion King back to theaters on Sept. 16, 2011, this time in digital 3D. The Lion King is the latest classic library title to get the 3D treatment…
…Released in 1994, The Lion King was a defining moment for Disney, ushering in an animation renaissance. It continues to be the highest-grossing hand drawn animation film of all time, earning $783.8 million at the worldwide box office.

I think this sounds Awesome. I loved the Lion King as a kid and have fond memories of repeatedly singing the tunes and lines of the film for yrs after its release. I hope they bring more of their classics back in the 3rd dimension to re-introduce to a new generation. I’m hoping for Aladdin, what about you?

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9 thoughts on “Coming Soon: The Lion King 3D

  1. There are so many fun facts about the movie The Lion King, but now since it is going to be re-releasing here are some things to be looking for that might be appearing. One thing is that Timon ( the meerkat) pulled a bug out of the log during the song “Hakuna Matata” that was wearing Mickey Mouse ears. Also you must have heard the rumors by now about the dust of Mufasa that Simba sends up in to the sky during his talk about the stars with Timon and Pumbaa; the dust does not spell out SEX but it spells out SFX which means special effects. One other thing to listen out for when your watching The Lion King in 3-D is listen closely to Simba and Scar talking because in one of their conversations Simba says ” You’re so weird” and Scar said back “You have no idea”. Those are just some fun things that you can look for during the re-releasing The Lion King in 3-D. have fun enjoy the movie

  2. Reading that Disney was re-releasing The Lion King in 3-D didn’t garner the same reaction I had when James Cameron announced the re-release of Titanic in 3-D. I thought, “Oh no.” Like we need the experience of the ship sinking to be any more vivid or real than it already was.

    I know many people absolutely love 3-D, but I can’t stand it and choose never to watch movies in that format. But no dimension is going to stop me from watching this one. The Lion King was such a big part of my childhood. I wouldn’t miss it.

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