Katrina Bowden joins American Reunion

American Reunion is still gradually filling in the blanks with most, if not all, of the cast from the orignal movie signed on to reprise their roles in the upcoming sequel. There have been reports that the crew have been searching for a “hottie” to take a role in this movie seemingly as the new object of obsession affection for one of the main characters and Katrina Bowden may have the assets needed for such a role.

Originally reports had this as her character description:
Source: JoBlo

The role is presumably that of Kara who is “the sweet girl next door you used to babysit… now she’s a senior in high school and a full blown hottie.” Bowden looks about the age and type to meet that description…

but later changed their tune with this:

Update: Guess not, she’s actually playing the hard partying LA girlfriend of Chris Klein’s Oz.

I don’t mind this news. Sexy this movie up as much as possible! The overtly sexual nature of the original movie is what helped cement it as a classic for my generation and propel the effective use of the “M.I.L.F.” term invented for the movie. For those wondering if she’s hot enough to be the eye candy of this movie I wanted to share this image that was also included in the JoBlo article:

I couldn’t have picked a better image as an example of her sex appeal myself. Oh, this will work. This will work just fine.

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