Kate Beckinsale and more join Total Recall

Total Recall has been building up steam with lots of casting news making the rounds in recent weeks. Today we learn that the 2 leading ladies in the movie have been cast and will travel to Mars Join Colin Farrell in this anticipated remake.

Source: Screen Rant

Kate Beckinsale (Wiseman’s wife and the star of his Underworld films) will take on the role of Lori, which was played by Sharon Stone in the original film, while Biel will be taking the part of Melina. Neither Beckinsale or Biel are surprises in the cast, since the former is frequently cast in her husband’s films, and Biel was one of the rumored candidates for the other lead role…
In addition to the Beckinsale and Biel news, The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Bill Nighy is joining the cast as Quatto, the leader of the resistance movement (not Kuato as the original film spelled it). Like Beckinsale, Nighy is also a veteran of Wiseman’s Underworld films.

It’s not much of a surprise that Beckinsale and Biel were cast but I think that Nighy’s addition is pretty interesting. For one it pretty much kills my theory on the Hawke man’s mysterious role in the movie but adds much much appreciable talent to the production. I think he single-handedly catapulted this movie further up on my radar.

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