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Lots of eyes are looking at Tom Hardy’s role in ‘Warrior’ as it’s possibly indicative of what kind of size and shape he could bring when portraying Bane in Chris Nolan’s next Batman movie. Today let’s take a look at a trailer for the movie to try to get a better idea of what might be in store.

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Ladies and Gentleman we have a new ‘Dude Huge’. Idunno what kind of regimen this guy has been on but he has come a long way from playing Patrick Stewarts, scrawny Nemesis. He was already a lot more lean in Inception but this clip really brings the excitement to what we may have in store when he starts pumping the Venom.

On another note this movie looks really good as well! I’m just not a big MMA fan so this one managed to escape the radar. Early screenings are already producing comments like “better than the Fighter” and the like, so I have a mild genuine interest in this movie as well.

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11 thoughts on “Watch the Warrior trailer

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  2. The Movie the warrior was a national hit. I seriously enjoyed it and I am not a big fan of MMA movies. Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton had me in tears and every other person in the theater in tears by the end. It was done well and they played their parts very well. I would recomend to anyone in the world to see it.

  3. Actually I ran across a movie via Netflix called Bronson starring Tom Hardy, and I loved it check it out, it also patrays just what kind of range this dude has, not to mention his ability to be intimadating cant wait to see his take as BANE

  4. Tom Hardy has incredible range. I recommend ‘Stuart: A Life Backwards’ for anyone who wants to see more of him. I think he’s growing to become one of the best character actors of this generation.

  5. From the Trailer I cannot compare it to the Fighter more to Rocky. I thought fighter was the amazing film.

    He looks different then he did in Inception he looks Cut but not Big. and than just use special effects and body doubles to make seem bigger for Bain.

  6. I’m liking this! Been following MMA since it started in the early 90’s, this looks awesome. Tom Hardy looks great as well. He should be in prime shape to play Bane. It’s about time hollywood started doing movies about MMA, it’s the most complete fighting sport we have right now.

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