Jessica Biel could be in Total Recall

Jessica Biel has come a long way since first making a splash as one of the Camden’s on TV’s 7th Heaven, and today we learn that she may have the opportunity to foray as far as Mars.

Souce: Variety

Jessica Biel is circling a role opposite Colin Farrell in the pic. Sony has offered her the role,” but no discussions are under way. It’s unclear which role she would play.

In the original 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger starrer, the femme leads were Sharon Stone as Lori, his supposed wife, a company agent; and Rachel Ticotin as Melina, a member of the rebels.

I like this news primarily because I think she could work pretty well opposite Colin Farrell. This movie still isn’t very high on the ‘radar’ as I’m not always a fan of re-do remakes or reboots but it’s not like this tidbit of possible casting is demoting its placement either. I think it’s going to be highly improbable for me to watch this film without comparing it to the 80’s version and probably over criticizing whatever changes they decide to make, but overall I’m still looking forward to seeing how this one turns out, even if just out of curiosity.

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4 thoughts on “Jessica Biel could be in Total Recall

  1. Jessica Biel. I don’t get her. I’m totally struggling to ‘recall’ a film she’s been in, and I’m drawing a blank. I’m sure she’s appeared in some forgettable rom-coms and car commercials disguised as action movies, but has she ever carried a successful film?

    There is something uncomfortably plastic about her face and its always been that way. The high cue-ball cheekbones, the big mouth & toothy smile, something vacant in her eyes, and her strangely texture-less skin: it all looks surgically ‘enhanced’ and airbrushed to me. There is nothing I find genuinely sexy or cute about her.

    She’d make a good android.

  2. Colin “The kiss of Death” Farrell is all they had to say to let me know this movie will be a huge letdown. I haven’t seen a single movie that he has stared in that hasn’t flopped or been even marginally entertaining. Now if he’s only the co-star there has been a few worthy ones.

    Jessica Biel would do fine, hopefully it’ll be somewhat like the original in that it’s a fun romp in the sci-fi world again.

    What’s with the lack of Sci-Fi movies nowadays? We have Star Trek to look forward to, but I want something new in space damn it!

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