RUMOR: The Dark Knight Returns movie

Frank Miller is a visionary in our age and he’s also, apparently, a constant source for film ideas as another Batman story of his is rumored to be getting the feature film treatment.

Source: Bleeding Cool

Bleeding Cool have heard from multiple sources (enough with the multiples already) that work is underway on a movie adaptation of Frank Miller and Klaus Janson‘s classic The Dark Knight Returns. As you might have guessed, however, this is to be an animated adaptation, much like the recent All Star Superman or in-the-works Year One.

Animated movies have been churning out of the DC labs for a while now and this one is actually a bit of a surprise as they’re already working on Batman: Year One which is another Frank Miller tale regarding the caped crusader. I don’t care what’s going on in the movie world of Batman with their multiple iterations and amalgamations, there’s always room for The Dark Knight Returns in my book.

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11 thoughts on “RUMOR: The Dark Knight Returns movie

  1. This is great news. I hope DC/Warner Bros Animation keeps churning them out. Here’s my wish list for the next DC direct-to-DVD animated features:

    1.) The Green Lantern storylines : Rebirth, Sinestro Corps War, Blackest Night and Brightest Day
    2.) Zero Hour
    3.) Crisis on Infinite Earths and its sequel, Infinite Crisis
    4.) Batman Year Two and its sequel, Full Circle
    5.) Kingdom Come

  2. Return of the Dark knight is one of my favourite graphic novels. Which is why I get so dissapointed when I hear news like this! Mainly because I know DC will edit the hell out of this great story for a lower running time and rating.

    I still don’t think DC or Marvel take the these movies seriously enough. They just don’t seem to be able to adapt or edit these stories successfully in my opinion. Superman: Doomsday was just awful!

    I for one would be quite happy to sit through a three hour animated Return of the Dark knight. Even with a majority of the violence removed, just as long as it was as acurate as possible to the original graphic novel.

  3. no complaints here :)
    DC have great tracks record in their animation dept. SO i have full faith on this latest iteration of Batmanverse. Especially if it is The Dark Knight Return (it’s about time!)

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