Watch the ‘Casa de mi Padre’ Trailer

Will Ferrell. Speaking Spanish. Completely. Need I say More?

Via: Obsessed with Film

Looks a little funny. A little. My problem is that I thought I had outgrown Will Ferrell and his brand of comedy after his last 3-5 films failed to get more than a chuckle from me here and there but this seems a little fresh while still giving us the same Ferrell style. I’m really indifferent about this so far so it has not yet earned a spot on the ‘radar’.

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24 thoughts on “Watch the ‘Casa de mi Padre’ Trailer

    1. Medellin is the correct spelling (I think). It’s a pretty cool City in Colombia, if you go dont miss La Plaza de Botero and all the hotties walkin’ around there.

      just sayin’

  1. Oh my god…I’m definitely seeing this. I loved Step Brothers, The Other Guys, and Anchorman…other than that…the rest can go away. This looks like it’ll fall into that group with the others I love. This looks absolutely hilarious.

      1. “pre·fer
        verb /priˈfər/
        preferred, past participle; preferred, past tense; preferring, present participle; prefers, 3rd person singular present

        Like (one thing or person) better than another or others; tend to choose
        – I prefer Venice to Rome
        – I would prefer to discuss the matter in private
        – Val would presumably prefer that you didn’t get arrested
        – his preferred candidate

        Submit (a charge or a piece of information) for consideration
        – the police will prefer charges

        Promote or advance (someone) to a prestigious position
        – he was preferred to the post”

        I don’t think it’s a matter of preference, sounds to me they’re simply dismissing anything with subtitles. But hey, to each his own….

      2. And that is precisely what a preference is.

        Many people PREFER to watch a movie without having to READ a movie. You like to? Good for you. Doesn’t mean it is wrong to prefer not to.

        The statement was that people are missing out because they wont watch a movie with subtitles. Not the end of the world. Some people miss out on good movies because they dont like that director/actor too. That’s their call. You don’t get to decide what a person is “missing out” on because you like something they dont.

        The language lesson is not necessary. You only proved exactly what I already said. Some people prefer something else. They are not “missing out” when their direct preference would make them NOT enjoy a movie you happen to find enjoyable.

      3. I know what the statement was….I posted it.

        It’s not about me finding it strange people prefering different films than me, I just disagree about using the word ‘preference’ here. When you simply DISMISS an entire group of films because they have subtitles I don’t think you can say it’s preference. It’s one thing to say “hey I prefer movies without subtitles to movies with” than “Subtitles? Sorry, not interested in movies with subtitles.”

      4. If I don’t “prefer” horror films, is it fair to say that I am missing out because I don’t prefer them?

        You are splitting hairs over how the person expressed the preference.

        It is not an issue of preference at all, but that you seemed to have taken offense somehow that someone would not watch a movie because of a quality they DO NOT LIKE. How is this not a valid exercise of preferences? He didn’t say “Movies with Subtitles Suck” he stated rather boldly that this particular feature was enough for him to not want to see the film. AND THAT IS COMPLETELY ACCEPTABLE. No matter how good the movie was, if subtitles bother a person, they wont fully enjoy it.

        Everyone likes movies for different reasons. If they choose to or choose not to view something because of a preference – whether you agree with it or not – doesn’t change that it is exactly that.

        A preference.

      5. No, no offense on this side, just pointing out there is a wonderfull world of cinema out there for the ones willing to read subtitles, that’s all.

        And yes, maybe you’re right in me reading something more in the lines of “Movies with Subtitles Suck” into their comment. But only they know what they really meant, not you and also not me.

      1. Wow, i’m sorry guys but that’s just plain sad to hear you say. I know living in America subs are like McDonalds to Etiopians but still. You’re missing out on alot of great movies. And this one is MADE by americans! And still, you are like “mmmhmm, subs? No thanks, don’t like reading”.

  2. I like Will Ferrel, and i like his movies….but:
    He speak spanish worst than i speak english XD

    That, and the title of the movie must be “LA casa de mi padre”.

  3. hahahaha, I have to say I felt the same with you about Will Ferrel movies. But this trailer sparked up some of that. Plus I like the acting of Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna.

    I am hoping it doesn’t disappoint me. The trailer is good.

  4. Cant see video.

    to me Will’s Swan Song is: Anchorman “The Legend Of Ron Burgandy” it doesn’t get better than that.

    2nd choice: Talladega Nights /”Shake and bake!”

    I think he should do more of stuff like “Stranger Than Fiction”
    that’s strangely his strength.
    He has a simular one coming out as far as dramedy goes.

    he has a quality simular to Adam Sandler in which he does the “restrained but about to snap” very, very well.

    I dig this premise though since I grew up listening to telenovelas in my household.

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