Bill and Ted 3 dude

I too get tired of reiterating news about movies that I have little faith in actually seeing come together but it gets harder and harder when principle actors and other members of crew insist things are still coming together. Today we get more of that with Keanu reminding us Bill and Ted 3 is coming. Don’t believe me? Watch the video yourself:

Source: AICN

I actually want to believe that he believes this is happening. I’m all for “where are they now” movies when they’re done right and this is one that can go either way. at this point it’s on the ‘radar’ by default and nothing more.

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6 thoughts on “Bill and Ted 3 dude

  1. What happened to the actor who played Bill?

    Maybe its all real! Keanu ditched him somewhere in time so that he could hog the fame and become successful despite never really progressing as an actor.

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