Monsters University Delayed

It’s not everyday that you make a second appearance that predates your first and Pixar’s intentions were to show us how it could be done with a release date of 2012. Today we learn that we’re going to wait a year longer before we see that sequel prequel.

Source: Script to Screen

The sequel was scheduled to be released on November 2nd, 2012 but today the Walt Disney Company announced that it is pushing back Monsters University to June 21st 2013.

They actually began building buzz for this movie for a while now and I was genuinely getting excited to see a Pixar film for the first time in a long time. Bummer.

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6 thoughts on “Monsters University Delayed

  1. probally has somethin’ to do with Billy and John’s scedules or somethin’.
    Hey I’d rather them delay insted of rushing a mediocre product.

    I’m cool with it.

      1. Ratatouille was shit. Toy Story 3 was the worst in the trilogy, Cars 2 looks Disney Direct-to-Disc horrid, and the entire idea of Monsters Inc 2 sounds like a Disney Direct-to-Disc plot. That’s why.

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