Willow Smith will be Annie

Will Smith has, seemingly, not been involved in a film in almost 3 years. Most would hardly notice as he’s been very busy encouring his offspring in their endeavors and it seems that will continue as it has been rumored and recently confirmed, according to Latino Review, that Will’s daughter Willow Smith will star in the remake to the popular musical “Annie”.

Latino Review

Overbrook Entertainment partners James Lassiter, Ken Stovitz, Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith have formed a joint venture with Shawn “JAY-Z” Carter to develop and produce major motion pictures. One of the projects being discussed is the re-imagination of the classic Broadway musical ANNIE as a vehicle for Willow Smith to star. The film will be developed with Sony Pictures Entertainment and produced by Overbrook Entertainment and Mr. Carter.

Will and Jada Smith are marketing geniuses. They’ve targeted their children toward the Disney audience using popular cultural productions and are re-inventing them as an avenue to introduce and build their children into megastars at an early age.

Everyone who is everyone knows at least one Annie song from the musical and I think that if they are able to put out the quality that was seen in last years Karate Kid remake with this film, and hopefully a decent performance, then they will hopefully begin what is seeming like a viable line of film franchises that can be used for the foreseeable future. I really liked the Karate Kid more than I expected and hope that this level of quality spreads to Jaden’s sister Willow in this movie. It’s not a film I would run out to see in theaters but I am looking forward to seeing things develop.

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23 thoughts on “Willow Smith will be Annie

  1. Hey if she can pull it off, like the brother did in Karate Kid, all the power to her! (and I wanted to find something negative in Karate AND COULDN’T. Forgive me Ralph Macchio!)

  2. I have no real problem with this–in fact, I’m surprised to hear such a spirited debate on this blog over a remake of a Broadway musical film.

    For the record, they already made an Annie remake (which was fantastic if you’re a fan of such things) is 1999. I don’t see how another one is going to damage the legacy of the original film.

    Furthermore, musical theater is a form of artistic expression that is pretty much MEANT to be remade. These scripts are redone ALL the time with different direction and actors–in Broadway revivals, Community Theater, high school productions, etc.

    Also, and this is directed toward “Michael,” do you really think this would be the first time this titular character has been portrayed by an African American? Because I’d be willing to bet quite a sum that it’s been done in live theater hundreds of times. There’s been an all-black version of Fiddler on the Roof for cryin out loud. I’ve also seen performances in which Annie is played by a white girl in a red wig–would that offend your sensibilities because the girl’s not a true ginger kid?

  3. This is not something I would watch at all, but wish them luck. I am a huge fan of Willy Wonka and to this day I havent seen the Johnny Depp version, you ask why?

    Because there was nothing wrong with the original, it is a favorite childhood memory watching it and I dont care to see a half hearted remake.

    My point is, I consider some movies sacred. Just my opinion.

  4. Um, fail! Seriously, this is going to be junk. Karate Kid, was not even about karate, it was Kung Fu! Uhg. I hate Hollywood. It will probably flop anyway.

    1. I know, it’s like they are related right? Sorry, just messing. I’m going to wait to hear more about this before making an opinion. I remember Jay-Z used a bit of the musical in his song “It’s a Hard Knock Life”. So I wonder if he will plug that song in again in this remake?

  5. What the heck Is Hollywood thinking, I mean come on, when you redo a movie you need to stick to the general idea of the orginal concept, Like True Grit, the Directors stuck pretty much stuck to the orginal story and didn’t real change it, and Look it was a hit, but then you got the Karate Kid, I am sorry that movie Bombed the only reason people are staying it was good is because there all kissing Will Smith’s butt, but they destroyed the Karate Kid, it shouldn’t have called the Karate kid, the story was different, the charcters were all wrong, And now Will Smith wants to redo Annie with his daughter playing Annie, NO NO NO. One Annie was not black, two Annie was white with red hair and she could sing, and I am not talking about Rapping or R&B bull. You can’t redo something totally diffent, you need to stick to the original Idea of the story. If you want to redo Annie fine but name it something else.

    1. I wondered how long it would take someone to complain that Annie was not black. You do understand that a re-imaging means a retelling of a story from a different perspective while holding to the basic theme of the original piece. The basic theme of Annie is that of a precocious orphan girl. And as the original was a comic strip, singing had nothing to to with it.

      The Karate Kid bombed? I guess making $350 million world wide on a $40 million dollar production budget is a bomb to you.

    2. changes to remakes are very common and it would probably better to expect liberties taken when the production decides to take them with the properties they develop, rather than bashing. It’s good to vent, but you may receive as much flack as you give.

    3. So if someone likes the Karate Kid remake, the only logical answer is that they are doing it to kiss Will Smith’s ass?

      That’s not at all ignorant.

      Just because the remake wasn’t shot for shot exactly the same as the first film, doesn’t count against it, it is a credit TOWARDS it.

      Jaden in Karate Kid was very enjoyable. That you have a different opinion is fine, but telling me I must be kissing someone’s ass to say so is just petty.

      1. I don’t think if you liked Karate Kid you are kissing Will Smith’s butt. I think you just liked the movie.

        However, I think there is a certain amount of change people will be happy with to one of their beloved classics. I would find it hard to not see Annie as white. Just like I found it hard to see Pegasus in the new Clash of the Titans not being white. Not because of a race thing but because I am used to that being part of the definition of the character.

        I think this is the same obstacle that the new Battlestar Galactica had with Star Buck. I know a lot of people that just gave up. It was difficult to me but I really loved the show and eventually embraced it.

        It would also be difficult if someone redid Star Wars and made Darth Vader white. Of if you came out with a Batman in a white costume. Sorry that’s just too much of a divergence.

        I think it’s that perspective that has me questioning the viability. Of course, every generation passes and some classics like Annie haven’t been seen in years so any remake will be fine with the newer generation. I remember liking the 80’s version of “Lean on Me” with the beat. I remember a lot of adults being offended at how they basterdised that classic song. I just thought they were old.


  6. Will and Jada Smith are marketing geniuses.
    Yes they are. But I think the real challenge is going to be as they transition from child to teen and teen to adult. There are lot of actors/actresses that seem to get “stuck” as a child talent or teen talent and then seem to fall off as adulthood sets in. If the Smiths do it right though they could very well have bona fide megastars who will spend most of their lives in the limelight.

  7. This reminds me a lot of when Berry Gordy remade The Wizard or Oz as The Wiz staring Diana Ross and Michael Jackson. Personally I don’t think Willow has the same presence as Jaden. It’s just my opinion, but Jaden doesn’t come off as annoying as his little sister. With that being said, I’m still interested in seeing how this turns out.

    1. How do you know if Willow is annoying or not?? She hasn’t even been in a movie yet. Yea you may have heard her song and hate it but that’s music. that’s totally different. I hate J-Lo but I use to love her as an actress when she was Jennifer Lopez.

      You’re judging something that is non-existent. It’s kind of ridiculous actually.

      1. Did I say that she couldn’t act? No, I didn’t. I have seen her in enough interviews to know that I find her annoying. I’m not making a judgment on her talent because I don’t know what talent she has. I don’t like her song, but as far as I know she may prove herself to be the greatest actress of all times. There are several performers that I find annoying, but enjoy their work. Had you paid attention to my post, you would have read that I said I’m interested in seeing how this turns out. I made no judgments on it at all.

        As Rodney suggested, you might want to check yourself.

  8. This sounds like a disaster in the making. Of course I said the same thing about The Karate Kid remake, which I actually enjoyed. So we’ll see.

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