McG could Direct Wonder Woman TV Pilot

While the big screen has yet to welcome a Wonder Woman feature film, the small screen has been all the skitter about making the character into an ongoing TV series. When news hit that the show wasn’t going to happen it all seemed like more talk. But NBC picked up the rights to the pilot with David E Kelley’s script and concept and are eager to find themselves a director.

And that director could be one Joseph McGinty Nichol. You know him simply as his street name … McG.

FilmoFilia reports:

NBC recently purchased Kelley’s pilot script and concept, and are looking around for a director qualified enough to bring Kelley’s vision to life on-screen.

Their current favourite is director McG, who they want to helm the show’s pivotal pilot episode – i.e. the one that establishes the identity of the show, and will hopefully get an entire season picked up.

Now I don’t mind McG as a director, but he sure has proven himself as a producer. With shows like The OC, Supernatural and one of my big favourites Chuck, I can see McG really giving a sense of action and flare to the show.

As a director, he can really help to get the show off the ground and hopefully get it bought by the network for a full season. No word on just how the show will play out, or if the hero will be wearing Wonder Woman’s updated duds or the skimpy bathingsuit corset thing.

For a TV show, I hope they go along the lines of the new updated costume, which still allows for an objectifying bustline, but without the implausible bathingsuit look.

McG is no slouch when it comes to the eyecandy. So there is at least that.

No word on who might play the Amazon Princess.

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One thought on “McG could Direct Wonder Woman TV Pilot

  1. Lois Lane from Smallville would be a good choice. Tall, stunning, and her TV acting isn’t all that bad either. Only downside is her character association with Lois.

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