Toxic Avengers’ Toxic kids

I vaguely remember the Toxic Crusaders cartoon and snippets of the films but it seems someone out there believes that the Toxic Avenger is not only on top of peoples minds but also that they want to pay to see another film. Apparently our hero had some kids the last time he made it on screen and the new film aims to pick up where the last one left off in “The Toxic Avenger 5: The Toxic Twins”.


Suzi Lorraine apparently stars. Lemmy from Motorhead is rumored to cameo (again), with Julian Walker playing Toxie. Penned by Collyn McCoy and Kaufman, the sequel takes place following Citizen Toxie where the green superhero has kids!

Wait, he had kids?! I don’t remember much of the character aside from him being a result of some freak accident after being bullied at work and thrown in a vat of chemicals. From the looks of things the budget is rather low, (judging from the fact that those kids are wearing identical masks), and I wouldn’t be surprised if this goes straight to DVD. Hopefully a low budget will beneficially help maintain the campy feel of the original films for nostalgic purposes but I have to admit that I’m skeptical that this one will be a cash cow for the producers.

Personally I’d rather see a movie based on the Toxic Crusaders cartoon as its proven that a superhero team of mutants can convince people to pay money to watch and I actually remember that show being enjoyable to me. Then again I must have been 5 years old so does anyone with a better memory than I know if this is a good idea? Do we really need to see the Toxic Twins on screen?

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3 thoughts on “Toxic Avengers’ Toxic kids

  1. I was a fan of Toxic Avenger 4 so Im actually glad to see his happening. He has twins but I think they had a fight to the death in the womb and the evil one died. Plus there was a third one who was Sgt.Kabukimans son.

  2. Toxic Avengers…? Crusaders….?
    I honestly have no freaking clue what you’re talking about, haha, I’ve never heard of this apparently (obviously)
    When was this show (movie?) aired?

  3. Of course the budget is low. Have you not SEEN the series? And seeing as how this movie has been talked about in some capacity ever since the 80’s, then the 90’s, then the early 2000’s, then I’d say yes, this movie IS a good idea. Fans have been wanting it since before even Toxic Avenger 4 (Which actually wasn’t even made by the same company as 1-3, and this one)

    And no. That cartoon was complete trash and a huge insult to the movie franchise. They’d only make a movie based on it if they wanted to shoot themselves in the head.

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