McFarlane’s idea for a new Spawn

Comic Book movies are all the rage today in today’s day and age and one has to wonder “Whatever happened to Spawn?” Bloody Disgusting caught up with creator Todd McFarlane about the possibility of one of the 90’s most popular characters returning to the silver screen.

Bloody Disgusting says

“I’ve always seen Spawn as being cut from a different cloth. It’s more of an urban, psychological story that’s being told. The answer I’ve given the last few years is that Spawn should be a small-budget movie in which the only thing that’s out of the ordinary is this thing that intellectually we know as Spawn and there would only be a handful of people that see it. I call it “it” because it never talks, it’s just a force of nature. Really, the story revolves around the people who are trying to decide: “Is the ghost alive? Is the shadow actually moving?” When I give that pitch, some of the executives scratch their heads. To a lot of people, a movie where the [title] character doesn’t talk doesn’t make any sense. There have been a few movies like that. “Alien,” you know, that guy didn’t say much. Or ”Jaws,” the shark didn’t have too many speaking lines. “Jaws” is the closest example, the movie wasn’t about the shark, it’s about the people chasing the shark.”

When I saw the original movie I thought it was the best superhero movie I’d ever seen. I was young, (really young), and almost immediately changed my mind after reflecting on the thought. I began recognizing the mis-steps of the film and realized that I really didn’t enjoy the movie as much as I fell for the hype behind the movie.

I think Todd is right about Spawn benefitting from going in a different direction aside from the usual “super-villain” route but I am hesitant to believe a word about a new movie coming out. The last movie was a heaping pile of crap that managed to take advantage of a generation to rake in almost $90 million dollars with a $40 million dollar budget. Today a movie with those kind of figures would have been put back in the assembly line to push out sequels but for one reason or another Spawn was an exception.

I’m skeptical but hopeful about the possibility to see Spawn return to theaters. Todd has mentioned Spawn’s return to film several times in the past that never came into fruition, including the idea about him self financing a movie in order to maintain a level of control over the final product. I truly believe that there is a class somewhere taught by George Lucas called “How to milk a property” and Todd must have sat front row learning how to milk that cow until the end of time. Anybody else interested in the possibility of a new Spawn Film?

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11 thoughts on “McFarlane’s idea for a new Spawn

  1. I think one of the things that plagued the first film was exactly what will probably plague a reboot…TODD MCFARLANE.

    I’m all about creator involvement with products that use their ideas and content. However, I think some creators have taken it too far and feel that if there’s even one thing changed about their “baby” it will ruin the entire thing. I’m not knocking it, it’s their’s to begin with and they get the final say but I think some creative people take it too far.


  2. its going to become like that duke nukem forever game were after a while i lose all interest i dont really like what he is doing anyway with so I don’t really know anymore.

    1. …but to answer your question, HELL YES i’m up for a new spawn movie! I don’t think there are many original comic´s with such a great, dark and AWESOME design and to me it perfectly fits in a movie-world!

      1. I’m referring to how he’s made so much money off of Spawn in so many different avenue’s of revenue. I’ve seen toys, video games, comics (and many spin off comics), keychains, lunch boxes, cartoons, etc. I think I’ve even seen hockey jersey’s.

  3. not really feeling that idea. although i’m not a very big spawn fan, i do love the character design. my impression was that he was born in hell, but is fighting against evil tryhing to redeem himself but fallling short.

    i think people are important, but i also want to see the spectacle that is SPAWN. a war between heaven and hell on earth, and spawn is the being in the middle of it trying to seek redemption and acceptance from God.

    Sure, he can be in the shadows, but i don;t think it would work, especially because he’s a super hero of sorts. Spawn is not a alien trying to kill Arndold, Spawn isn’t a shark trying to eat a few guys on a boat. Spawn is a guy who was born in hell, rebelled and is now fighting the powers of darkness. If he’s not the main character and doesn’t have lines, then i think it would be wack….

    but i can be surprised and this is a new take on the superhero genre. so who knows… If spawns going to be a seconadary character like he’s making him out to be for the pitch, then you need a strong cast for maing people characters.

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