Is Monsters Inc. getting a prequel?

Pixar may be planning for their next sequel to be a prequel! The Film Stage (which picked up the story from Bleeding Cool, which picked it up from Animatie) reports that Pixar’s fancy with ‘Coming of age’ stories will continue as the next Monster’s Inc movie is rumored to take place at “The University of Fear”, presumably the monster equivalent of college. The idea is to tell the story of how Mike and Sully first meet.

The admittedly bad google translation tell us:

Prequel to the first album, Monsters, Inc. 2 we reveal how Bob and Sully met on the benches of the school at the University of Fear, and how many rivals he eventually became friends …

I’m already liking this idea as I really wasn’t interested in seeing where things went after the conclusion of the first film. I think it helps by leaving plenty of room for re-exploring the world of Monsters Inc in the way that it was introduced and flesh out a few things about like in their world prior to the events of the first film.

What do you guys think? Is it better that they may go back in time or would you prefer that they develop a proper sequel progressing the story of Mike and Sully?

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9 thoughts on “Is Monsters Inc. getting a prequel?

  1. This sounds like a great idea!
    So many storylines to develop within that University environment.
    Just as long as it doesn’t turn into an animated “Community”…

  2. can go either way. whatever pixar puts their hands to, becomes gold. It’ll be a great movie regardless whether its a sequel or prequel. And yes, a Sequel to the Incredibles would be awesome!

    1. I think they should do it next!

      But on the post: This sounds like a good idea, like Crash Test Dummy said, now I’m interested as well. I loved Monsters inc. but after it came out, and on repeated viewings.

      But this is inspiring. not only the possibility of this film but think about the others. grant it this has more potential in the “lucas” style.

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