Is Johnny Knoxville one of the Stooges?

Now the Three Stooges movie has a long storied history that actually has been chronicled right here on TheMovieBlog and this bit of news just seems to be the latest in a long list of some of the most recognizable names in Hollywood attaching and sumarily detaching their names from this project, and it seems Johnny Knoxville’s name will be included in this list! Worst Previews is reporting that both Knoxville and Adam Samberg, (Saturday Night Live; The Sarah Silverman Program), are being considered for roles.

At one point, Sean Penn, Jim Carrey and Benicio Del Toro were attached to star in “The Three Stooges” movie, directed by the Farrelly brothers (Dumb and Dumber). 20th Century Fox has since picked up the property and is planning to begin production in March.

Now comes word that Johnny Knoxville (“Jackass”), Andy Samberg (“Saturday Night Live”) and Australian comic Shane Jacobson are on the shortlist to play Moe, Larry and Curley, respectively.

I haven’t seen Knoxville in a movie that wasn’t “Jackass” but I’m pretty comfortable that the guy may be able to deliver some good physical comedy that is true to what the Three Stooges stand for. I was overwhelmingly looking forward to Carrey, Penn, and B.Del Toro filling out the roles respectively for some good AAA physical comedy, but I am glad to hear some news to re-assure that this project is still on its way. Still, with my mind having long since settled on Carrey and co, those are gonna be some huge shoes to fill.

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