Elizabeth Olsen debuts at Sundance with Silent House

Seems there is a third sister to the Olsen Twins, the younger more attractive-less tabloid fetching Elizabeth Olsen has escaped the limelight her sisters have endured, and at the age of 21 makes her on screen debut in two films at Sundance. The first being Martha Macy May Marlene, a film about a woman adjusting to life after escaping a cult, but the more notable appearance is in Silent House, a film that was picked up by Lionsgate for $2million for distribution.

Cineplex Blog reports:

Silent House is one continuous take as Olsen’s character begins to suspect her summer house may be haunted. Olsen compares shooting the film to theatre, which she started doing as a child.

“When I was auditioning, I was like, ‘Just so you know I’m used to the medium of theatre, so like I can stand on my feet for this long,” she laughs.

Two things have me curious about this.

Firstly, that I didn’t even KNOW The Olsen Twins had a third sister amazes me. Why did she wait this long to get into acting? Sister’s shadow perhaps?

Secondly, the film is a “one continuous take” and I would love to see a movie that was presented this way. Stage acting gets so pushed to the background with the bright lights of Hollywood getting all the attention, but there is no one shouting “cut” on the stage giving you another chance at that scene.

I imagine Silent House will have been shot multiple times to make sure it was done right, but I wonder if there will be cuts and edits in the final presentation or will it be all continuous?

That interests me more than her connection to the Olsen Twins.

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One thought on “Elizabeth Olsen debuts at Sundance with Silent House

  1. I too was so shocked when I found out there was a 3rd Olsen, she stayed very quiet for such a long time. It seems like she has exploded between last year and now. I also like the fact that she looks so healthy compared to her sisters and happy! I know that was probably horrible to say but it is true! I can’t wait till this movie hits theaters!

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