Two New Matrix Films coming in 3D?

Seems wild speculation of the week kicks off with the Wachowskis and Keanu Reeves hoping to create another pair of Matrix films in 3D.

MovieWeb shares:

It is being rumored that Keanu Reeves met with the Wachowski’s for lunch over Christmas and that they had completed work on a two-picture script treatment that would see him return to the world of the Matrix as Neo.

Also, the Wachowski’s apparently met with James Cameron to discuss the pros and cons of 3D and are looking to deliver something which has never been seen before.

While I have always been of the mind that if you can make it good, there is no reason not to make the film. However the Matrix films ended at one for me. The second part left more questions that the first never even presented and the third part just didn’t satisfy them for me.

Now there was some great action in the films, but the fights went on so long that I stopped caring who won and that doesn’t add up to an engaging film. They attempted to get deeper into the mysticism of the property and blurred the lines between the impossible they create in the Matrix and the reality of life outside it, and that shit on the beauty of the first film.

That being said, I am not at all encouraged to see them further stretch what was an amazing first film into another pair of Matrix movies just so they can play with the 3D toys. I would love to see the bullettime effect in 3D, but I don’t need another Matrix film to do it.

However, I find the news of making two NEW movies in 3D a better idea than finding out they are converting the first three.

UPDATE ScreenRant Reports:

The Senior Administrator for the London International School of Performing Arts informed me that Keanu Reeves made no appearance there, assuming that’s the correct school.

So if there is any shred of truth to this at all, there needs to be confirmation of this alleged lunch they had to talk about Matrix Sequels since it didn’t happen where the original leak said it did.

Did it happen at all?

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27 thoughts on “Two New Matrix Films coming in 3D?

  1. I think the problem with the sequels was that the 1st one ended, although with a semi-open endning. But still… it had a end that closed the deal.

    What they should have done with the sequels was to cut Smith and kept the story a bit lighter. I thought that the whole thing with “god” or whatever was just to pretentious. Also I never bought in to all the problems Neo faced during fights and stuff after tearing UP smith in the end at the 1st.

  2. Two was everything I wanted from a sequel, three… ugh, to much Zion not enough Matrix. I loved the Agent Smith Neo stuff, but everything else was just wtf?

  3. I wouldn’t mind a 4th and a 5th as it would give them a chance to make up for the mess which was the 2nd and 3rd movie. But if all they do is knock out some overly twisted and incomprehensible storyline just as a vehicle to bring the action in 3D then I wouldn’t bother.

  4. i REALLY hope this goes through. i would love to see this happen. i seem to be in the minority that enjoyed all three movies as well as the animatrix. i took them at face value and wasn’t expecting great masterpieces of increasing magnitude and excellence. if they really are making 2 more, then it would almost be as great as the prospect of a third Ghostbusters movie.

  5. Im game…I love Reeves as Neo and while 2 and 3 werent anywhere near the original, they were fun (albeit frustrating at the end)…but a new pair could tackle some of the open ended issues left behind.

  6. As fans of the original movie, we’ve got nothing really to lose with these new films. Either their a glorious return to form which would be the the best case scenario: or they’re poorly made and we can just ignore them.

  7. I think the only problem with the second movie was the third one.

    I walked out of the second film excited and couldnt wait to see the third. Yea the third one came and dissapointed, but i dont think that takes away from the second one.

    1. cloud720,

      I agree. When I watched the first one I was impressed with the potential. I liked the movie but was dying to see more of the “real” world, the devastated Earth, the robots, and some real action.

      Then I saw the second one and was like, “wait a minute, this is written pretty well.” It got much deeper than I expected it to. By the end with the Architect I was really intrigued by the possibilities it could go philosophically. A bunch of friends of mine all talked about it at length.

      Then the third one came out and now I wanted to see some answers and really unique high level philosophy. However, what I got was a lot more action than I wanted. All of the sudden I got a movie a lot more like what I wanted to see after part 1 but not anymore. It was a weird set of experiences.

      However, I loved them all and really cherish the trilogy. I wouldn’t mind seeing a new set of sequels as long as they have a good reason to bring back Neo. Three really summed it up but two more could ruin the epic feeling left by the original trilogy. (wow did I just invoke “original trilogy” for something other than Star Wars?).

  8. Don’t they have anything else they can write/direct/produce? They being wachowski brothers. For me Matrix is one of the best movies i’ve seen but I find it hard to tell anyone these days cuz the sequels sucked sooooooo much ass.

    I, for one, feel that the story is dead and wachowski should sit down and think of a new story that can be shoot in 3-d.

  9. U;m 50/50 on this.

    I liked the films overall, and while the sequels were not a as good as the first for a few reasons (which are two main problems) it does not surprise me that “Matrix 4” talk would come up at some point. I also think they are inspired 3D wise more from ‘Tron’ than ‘Avatar’ but it might be both. Unilike you and the othrs so far, I’m not that much opposed to it.

    I could actually see a story for Matrix Reserrections or whatever they might call it (the sequels had a “re” prefix) but it’s probably not the pitch.

    See,, I’m thinking along the lines of a biblical metaphor. There was an evil pharoah in Egypt who Knew Not Joseph…(a few generations)…

    AAnd either Mankind will be enslaved once more (if I understand the ending of the last film, those who want to stay can stay, but “crops” will, in time, dwindle down. OR the Merovigian will rise to power since there is little need for Agents (whose primary function was to catch the “hackers” from Zion) and there is no more Neo/ Triniy/Morpheus. So Matrix might have to create a new sim program where Neo, Trinity and Morpheus become the “new agents” to fight crime in TheMatrix. (The crime rise could also currupt the system)

    That’s my best guess.
    Should things be well enough alone? Maybe.
    But that’s the only way to bring Neo back, I would think.

    1. You make a lot of good points Darren. The first film was all Biblical metaphor. They took the story of the dying and resurrecting godman, which has been passed down from civilization to civilization throughout history, and made it resonate with our culture today. Neo being Jesus, Morpheus being John the Baptist, (voice crying out in the wilderness)Trinity being Mary Magdalene and Cypher being Judas. The first Matrix is modern parable which has us questioning the illusionary aspects of our precieved reality, and the eternal truth that lies just under the surface. The Matrix is a Masterpiece of story and film making. The 2nd and 3rd film’s, not so much. They were both missing that metaphor component that made the first film a success. The Star Wars prequels made the same mistake. The Wachoski’s have to get back to a story with substance for any sequels to work. Otherwise, we’re just going to get a bastardized action fest that further waters down the first movie.

    2. You know what! In my post above, I just opened my eyes to a better understanding of the 2nd film. In my post I mentioned the constant retooling or to use a word we are all familiar with, “rebooting” of the myth of the dying and resurrecting godman. This story has been passed down from Egypt until today. Hell! Superman even did it. In the Matrix Reloaded when Neo meets Colonel Sanders in the Matrix, he finds out that his story (life, death and resurrection) has been told and retold many times. Each time the retelling corrects some flaw in the process until hopefully they finally get it right. In that moment Neo finds out he isn’t unique and this revelation destroys what little ego he has left. In the third film, this lack of ego allows him to stop violently fighting the process (which only leads to the process or struggle beginning anew) by becoming one with the process. He stops trying to change anything, becoming one with everything so something new can emerge. I think I missed this stuff when I originally saw the sequels due to were I was spiritually at that time. I got the first film completely. While watching the 2nd I kept wondering what Colonel Sanders was doing in the middle of the Matrix. I’ll have to rewatch these now to see if I catch anything else. I may have to reassess the value of these films.

  10. I think we’re at a point where we should assume that any popular scifi, horror or action movie will spawn sequels or a trilogy. If a picture makes money, they’ll be planning for the sequel before it’s theater run is over. Many times the sequel is being written before the movie is released. I don’t have a problem with this if it were planned as a franchise all along and filmed that way.

    I don’t think that was the case with the Matrix. The 2nd and 3rd movies were an obvious money grab. I have no idea where they can take the series now. My fear is that the Wachowski’s watched Avatar and said “wow, think of what we could have done in the Matrix with this technology” and two more movies were born. I hope they have a legitimate to revisit the Matrix universe and aren’t just going back to play with Poppa Cam’s 3D cameras.

    1. I absolutely agree. I liked the second one the most due to the additional layers of philosophy they created. While I don’t think 3 went the direction I hoped (too much action and less wrapping up the questions posed by the second one) I still liked it and the whole trilogy.

      I know Matrix-hat’n is the hip thing but I would say bring on two more with Neo and I am in!

    2. Yea I never really understood the reason for such hatred for the sequels. I liked all three and I say bring 2 more on, as long as they make non-3D versions in the theater, so us cheap people don’t miss out.

  11. Why???? I agree Rodney, I agree! We don’t need to revisit this franchise. We’ve already had two return visits and they both sucked. The third movie was more comedy than anything else. Like you said Rodney, they set up this beautiful premise and mythology and had us all questioning the firmness of our reality. Then they went and ruined it with the next two films. They just had to make it into a trilogy!I believe the first movie was indeed a stand alone film. The other two movies were just going to the well one too many times to cash in on success. They just over explained everything, when they should have left it to our imagination or intelligence to figure out the message of the first film. I like the bonus features of the 2nd and 3rd films more than the films themselves.

  12. I believe the first one was a masterpiece, the second and third were allready unnecessary, the fourth and fifth could only damage the matrix name. I believe they want to milk the matrix till the last drop, so they will probably make them!

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