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Three years ago, a documentary came out called Who Killed the Electric Car that exposes the manipulations of the oil industry that buried the attainable dream of an efficient and clean running electric car for decades.

Now three years later it seems every major car manufacturer is making electric gas hybrids as a stepping stone to actually producing an electric car, so Chris Paine set out again to document this shift of mentality.

“Revenge of the Electric Car” is the new documentary from director Chris Paine (“Who Killed the Electric Car”) about the dramatic resurgence of the electric car around the world. From a backyard mechanic converting classic Porsches to deep behind closed doors at Silico…n Valley’s Tesla and two of the world’s biggest car makers, “Revenge of the Electric Car” tracks the electrifying race to challenge the age of gasoline.

I am really eager to see this doc. Who Killed was a great documentary that really makes you think about how much the Oil companies rely on people consuming their product, but how we let them keep us hostage at the same time.

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10 thoughts on “Revenge of the Electric Car Trailer Online

    1. The electric car 20 years ago perhaps.

      Technology now exists that gives full range of performance and 600mile range on a single charge.

      Perhaps you need to watch this doc to see how the technology has advanced.

    1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! That slayed me!

      As Rodney stated, there are lots of ways to create electrical power, not just through coal (or hydro, or nuclear). The biggest disadvantage we have right now is the batteries just can’t hold power, and they are REALLY heavy. I firmly believe, however, that if people demand this product, that within 10 years (maybe even less) we’ll be wondering what the big deal was, as our battery technology will be infinitely better than it is today! (just from the competition that will come from it).

      This is going to be one AMAZING period for the evolution of electric cars, and the human race.

    1. There are more ways to create electricity than coal.

      Niagara Falls safely produces Hydro every day without coal. Their employees create more pollution driving to work than that hydro plant does.

      1. I agree but you can not back up and flood every bit of land with water. I to would love a better option but we would need a lot of Nuke plants to get it done.

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