New Tron Legacy Posters Online

Three new posters for Disney’s Tron Legacy have migrated to the net, and the nice treat was revealed when you line them up.

It seems they were designed to make one massive poster! And its awesome.

and the awesome.

LOVE these posters. I think like my hero Charles Carmichael, I will also have a Tron poster in my room.


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5 thoughts on “New Tron Legacy Posters Online

  1. Ahhh, There inside a computer program of a video game, chaos insues-fill the blanks.

    I just got a Tron action figure for my kid(cool lights on face seems to move when he talks) and he asked me what the movie was about and I really could’nt break it down more than that, I guess I should rent the original. I’ve only seen it once (at the theatre) and slightly remember the video game from the arcade.
    Love the younger Bridges in this to tie it all in

    The trailer looks sweet and lots of eye candy there. Hope it rocks!

  2. The more I have watched the trailer on this movie the more I find it to be poorly acted. I think this movie is gonna be another film relying too much on the 3D aspect and not the story itself

  3. Did you know that Distributors and Theatre Chains are scared shitless about this movie. They have no idea what to expect. Most of them are being very conservative about the number of prints they buy. They fear a Scott Pilgrim effect forming around this movie, huge internet hype, no follow-through.

    Most of the insiders are predicting a good opening weekend in the 60 million range followed by a quick drop-off.

    The other thing that is causing alarm is that this is the only really big tentpole movie this Christmas. The winter movie season is going to rely almost entirely on Tron and Harry Potter (which is a thanksgiving release) to turn out the crowds. And even Potter is seeing diminishing returns.

    1. I guess Harry Potter coming out later this month doesn’t sound like a Christmas season movie, but it is within the Christmas season and a tentpole like that will do well right into the Christmas week.

      Also Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader is coming out as well as Zemeckis’ 3D Nutcracker. Both of those films are tentpoles for their respective studios.

      While there are no obvious dominators outside of Harry Potter and Tron this coming season, there are a lot of movies that are tracking well in anticipation.

  4. maybe not as a poster, but definitely as wallpaper on my computer… ¿can you get the final one in 1.280 X 800?

    I wonder how big is flynn Sr.’s role in the movie, in comparison to the son’s part

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