New MI4 Title is Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

With the next chapter of the very lucritive Mission Impossible franchise in the works, rumour had it that the title would break tradition of the naming convention and not just omit the anticipated 4, but remove the Mission Impossible reference altogether. Thankfully that’s not all true. Its still not called 4 but the MI will stay part of the name.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

MovieMoron offers:

It had been rumoured for a while that the film wouldn’t continue the pattern of the last couple of films and be Mission Impossible 4 or M:I-4 for short, but would abandon the Mission Impossible title all together. Well it turns out those rumours were incorrect, the next Mission Impossible movie is going to be called:

Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

Now I like that they are keeping the Mission Impossible part in the title. I don’t care if this will be connected to the other films or not. I think there is a lot of room to have a film franchise about elite spies doing spy stuff with these degrees of precision.

But Cruise will be in the film, and images of him rappelling off a 124 storey Dubai skyscraper have hit the net.

Other cast members will return for yet another mission, that some may deem impossible.

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7 thoughts on “New MI4 Title is Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

  1. They are finally coming out with a new Mission Impossible movie to bounce back from the last sub par movie. The first two were Action packed and Tom Cruise through down a solid character. They still have yet to decide who will star in the new Mission Impossible, but they have a huge line up of A List stars that are itching to get the part. I personally would like to see Gerard Butler rock this role because he is just coming into his own as a solid action star. Tom Cruise can move out of the way and do his musical Rock of Ages, which will give everyone a good laugh.

  2. I’m always down for a new Mission Impossible movie. I’ve enjoyed all 3 of the others, and a title doesn’t make or break the movie. If the movie sucks, it’s gonna suck no matter what the title is. If it rocks hard, it’s gonna do so even if it has a shitty title.

  3. It’s going to be hard to fill the shoes of JJ Abrams, if you ask me Abrams Mission Impossible was a high point for the franchise. I don’t really care what the title of the movie is as long as the movie kicks ass. Keeping my fingers crossed that it has at least half the heart of the last one. At least they got the casting right, I do like Renner.

    1. It sounds like a video game because the name probably reminds you of Ghost Recon or Alpha Protocol, both shooters dun dun dunnnn. Either way it’s definitely not clever hopefully they have an invisible suit like in Ghost recon.

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