The Bourne Legacy will happen without Matt Damon

Matt Damon is not attached at all to the next Bourne film titled Bourne Legacy, but that doesn’t mean they are scrapping the film. And instead of trying to recast Damon’s character, it looks like they will shift to a new protagonist also affected by the brainwashing experiments.

Ramascreen quotes Tony Gilroy:

“Gilroy has smartly decided to remove the focus from Jason Bourne, and expand the franchise mythology. He’s creating new characters and will tell a different story about the parent company behind the murderous shadow government operation Treadstone, which brainwashed covert agents like Bourne and turned them into ruthless killers….the new protagonist will be another agent and probably a killer who went through experiences similar to Bourne’s or the character played by Clive Owen in the original Bourne. The plot accepts everything that has happened in the trilogy and factors it into the storyline. Because Gilroy isn’t replacing Bourne with another actor, he has made it possible for Damon to eventually return for a big paycheck reprise.”

Now this makes a lot more sense.

Originally we heard that the Borne films were going to include all the same cast but be some sort of reboot of the franchise. Its not a reboot, but more like a spinoff.

This leaves room for tons of character development of the new guy, and then in a following chapter, perhaps bring back Jason Bourne working with the new guy, or picking up where that guy leaves off (if he doesn’t survive the film) to finish the job of taking down Treadstone.

And if Damon says he will never do Bourne again? They continue with the new guy.

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7 thoughts on “The Bourne Legacy will happen without Matt Damon

  1. I am a huge Bourne fan, however, I do not think that Bourne is inherently damon. What makes James Bond so good is that he was not bound by a single actor and so they can make so many movies. Some may argue that this is a bad thing and that a few good ones is better than more good ones with bad ones. Also, as a business man, I view it that if you can turn Bourne in to a franchise like Bond then that is all the better.

    So when I heard that they were not doing Bourne I was a little disappointed. This may turn out to not be a bad thing. The root difference between Bond and Bourne is that Bond is built around a character and Bourne is built around a concept. So by switching out characters in Bourne they be able to have a long lasting franchise. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

  2. I thinking maybe the assassin in the third film that Bourne spoke to on the roof, who changed his mind and didnt shoot. I dont know the actors name but he seems like a good fit. Could follow him after the ending of the 3rd film

  3. I LOVE Damon as Bourne…to me its his definitive character. I am okay with this idea as long as they are serious about bringing Damon back into the fold eventually. If not, Id rather they just leave it alone and make it a reboot or just an entirely separate franchise.

    BTW, does anyone know what happened with Dmaons involvement? Was he ever on board for another film? Was it a money thing or a creative thing or something else?

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