Travolta in Saturday Night Fever 3?

Saturday Night Fever never went away, it just changed flavours. But the namesake refers to the pop culture wave of Disco music that swept the nation and gave a simple New Yorker a place to let go and feel like a king. In the discothèque.

Now word has it that John Travolta will reprise this role over 30 years later to bring the franchise to a close.

Our various sources are confirming a story that John Travolta is having talks with film studios about reprising the role of Tony Manero for to bring the epic franchise to a close.

Here I thought that the franchise closed in the 80s with the demise of Disco.

Now granted retro is in right now, so why not have the Staying Alive star reprise his role and make an appearance. Show him having got on with his life, but then for some reason he needs to join a dance competition or help save a community with a fundraiser.

Maybe he should just bake some cookies.

Could be fun if they handle it right.

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12 thoughts on “Travolta in Saturday Night Fever 3?

  1. Well while another SNF movie does feels weird to me, especially these days, for my mom, this news will make her ecstatic and jump for joy! The original movie is my mom’s favorite movie of ALL TIME, plus her teen youth was during that time period. I have also seen the movie quite often growing up cuz of her and have even grown to like it and the music cuz of my awesome mom.

    It’ll also blow her away that once again it’ll be staring her fav leading man, Mr. John Travolta. Ya, something like this will make her day, gonna call her tonight and tell her. :)

    Hopefully it’ll be a good movie and stay true to the original.

    Be great also if the Bee Gees do the soundtrack again…

  2. SNF was epic!, One of my faveorite movies of all time, Travolta is my idol so damn right i’m in favor of this. Yes he’s aged abit but i bet he’s still got thoses moves. With his last few roles ” From Paris With Love” and ”The Taking Of Pelham 123” He shows no sign of slowing down so i’m sure he can still do the physical part no problem. ”SNF 2” Or ”Staying Alive” was pretty dissapointing because it didnt have any feel from the 1st but the dancing was good and atleast Travolta did it. I look forward to any of Travolta’s Films….He’s the king.

  3. Hey, This movie was “The Shit” in the 80’s , they even re-released it with a PG rating to get more people to see it. Not an Avid fan of Disco BUT I think everyone at one point owned an 8-track, Album, Or cassette of the soundtrack. (it was standard issue).

    This could be cool, Only thing I’m concerned with is seeing Travolta’s fat-ass up there tryin’ to do the Hustle again. He looked cool in Pulp Fiction but this is another story all together.

    Just keep the squirelly gut away from the bridge this time….

  4. I love the idea of him having to enter a dance competition to save the community! Maybe there could be a greedy land developer trying to bulldoze the rec center to build a strip mall.

    1. Yep, it was called “STAYING ALIVE”, and was directed by SYLVESTER STALLONE, maybe that´s why anybody remember that, the only acceptable thing was the song “Far from over” by Frank Stallone, a very 80’s iconic song.

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