Eminem is NOT Batman 3s Riddler

What would easily be spotted as an April Fools gag suddenly made internet rumour over the weekend and while my brain long rejected it, I am still getting emails this morning telling me about the casting and asking me how I feel about Eminem officially being cast as the Riddler in Batman 3.

He is not.

GossipCop clears the air:

This rumor tore up the internet over the weekend, but it’s already been denied. No, rapper Eminem will not be playing the Riddler, and he denied even so much as having had expressing interest in the part

I wasn’t even going to comment on this ludicrous rumour but my inbox is flooded with people hoping to be the ones who tipped me off to this amazing news.

Amazing that you thought for one second that Nolan would have cast this non-actor in the role while names like Joseph Godon Levitt are in that same hat.

Did no one notice that the NATIONAL ENQUIRER was the source of this rumour?

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16 thoughts on “Eminem is NOT Batman 3s Riddler

  1. You make good points, and whilst I agree that he would not be the best role; he may do a very good job of it if scripted well. Though chances are this rumour is probably more to throw people off who it really is…

      1. Yeahhh i myself want Jude Law But i ment it lyk, Its not insulting putting eminems name in the mix because he is good and can do the job but no doubt theres people better, But no matter who is cast there’s always gunna be someone better than them.

  2. Well, the rumor could have been KeShia as Vicki Vale and Kim KardASSian as Catwoman, so hey, even bad rumors could have been worse.

    Besides, I’m coming around….I’m favoring Joseph G Lovitt too. if Riddler/Ed Nygma shows up. We should be hearing something soon regarding who’s who.

  3. As crazy as the rumor seems to me, I could almost see him in a riddler outfit ha. Em comes from a sick past maybe he could channel that? Maybe the joker would have been a better fit haha

    Ha but it is crazy Nolan would never cast a non-actor in a role, especially one as important as the riddler. In Nolan I trust whatever his decision.

    1. If Nolan ever did cast Eminem in the role, and it was official? People would be climbing up his ass to praise him on the decision.

      Its amazing how much trust people have in him. He hasn’t let me down yet, but I don’t trust him that blindly. If he cast Eminem I would more be wondering what bet he lost.

      1. What are you talking about playing himself?. Why don’t you try being in a film with a camera in your face ”Trying” to be yourself?….even that would be hard. 8 Mile was a awesome performance and nothing like how he is in real life.

      2. He acts just like Rabbit in real life. Every interview you can see this is Rabbit after he found success.

        Sorry. Eminem is not an actor. He did very well in 8Mile because he was playing a rapper who grew up poor. Just like Marshall Mathers did.

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