Disney’s Tangled Trailer Online

A new trailer for Walt Disney’s new fairytale adaptation Tangled is online.

That’s the voice of Zachary Levi (TV’s Chuck) as our hero Flynn Rider, and popstar/actress Mandy Moore as Rapunzel in Disney’s fresh look at the classic fairytale.

Looks cute.

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5 thoughts on “Disney’s Tangled Trailer Online

  1. Yeah.. really the best movie ever. I wish all the kids in the world would have a chance to watch this awesome, romantic and brilliant movie. I’m really proud of Disney and to all the creators of “Tangled”. Good job you guys,.. I really really hope there’s a part 2. hehehe… Really awesome movie, I can’t stop bragging about it.

  2. Well, I do like Mandy Moore allot, looks and personality wise. But this trailer is rather boring. Also very disappointed it’s CGI and not 2D again, ala The Princess and the Frog.

    I really thought that after The Princess and the Frog, which I thought was rather good, we’d see a big return to that from Disney. Oh well I guess, hard to understand Disney much at all these days.

  3. Just a little nitpick, I think you might be better off changing it to singer/actress rather then ‘popstar’ as those days quite behind her. Her last few albums have actually been quite folky and she even commented about wanting to give people who brought her first album, their money back.

    As for the movie …well …it looks alright? Just a whole lot of nothing, really.

  4. Animated chick flick?

    I saw the trailer while catchin’ Toy Story 3 and wasn’t wooed by it at all.

    But again, I got the same impression with the 1st “How to train your Dragon” teaser trailer so………wait and see I guess

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