Back to the Future Art – Hill Valley Ad

Just a couple days ago Back to the Future had its 25th birthday, and I felt bad for missing it so I hopped in my Delorean and popped in to say hi to my old friend.

Back to the Future is a great set of films, and while a fourth is likely never to happen, and the ride is now gone at Universal Studios, the franchise still holds a very dear place in my heart.

So when I tripped over this fan art of an Ad for Hill Valley as it would have appeared in 1955, I couldn’t resist sharing it with you. Eric Tan created this print which will be available at the annual Crazy 4 Cult art show at Gallery1988 in Los Angeles, CA, which begins this July 9, and is hosted by Kevin Smith.

Rumour has it the Back to the Future Blu Ray collection is due out sometime this summer.


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4 thoughts on “Back to the Future Art – Hill Valley Ad

  1. I agree that a 4th is not needed at all. Unfortunately, with the success of Karate Kid, and (probably) Footloose, a re-boot is likely in our future.

  2. Love the ad!
    Specially the little De Lorean in the corner :P

    I just loved the 1st movie. 2 & 3 kinda lost its appeal for me.

    Thanks for this Rodney!

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