Vergara and Azaria on Set of The Smurfs

New photos of Sofía Vergara and Hank Azaria on the set of The Smurfs have popped up on the net. Azaria is clearly playing the part of Gargamel which looks to be a solid choice.

Seeing Gargamel looking so medievally authentic just reminds me that its going to bother the hell out of me that they made this a modern day retelling of the Smurfs instead of having it be in medieval times. I do love that they even have Gargamel’s cat Azreal there though. There are pictures of Neil Patrick Harris on set, but the shots could be from How I Met Your Mother because he looks like NPH always looks.

Interestingly enough NPH is playing Johan, which was the human adventurer in the cartoons that was a friend to the Smurfs.


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6 thoughts on “Vergara and Azaria on Set of The Smurfs

  1. This entire concept is disturbing beyond all fucking recogition. What next, a live-action adaptation of the Snorks? How about the Gummy Bears?

    “This summer…prepare to be bilnded…by color! She, was a child-like princess of the realm of rainbows. He, was a master of all things dark and gloomy. But this summer, their worlds will collide and only one will come out alive. From director Michael Bay, comes the most colorful and homo-erotic display of childhood cartoon raping ever to hit the big screen. On August 15th, Dakota Fanning is….”Thunder Crashing”…Rainbow Brite…(rated R – for retarded)

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