Rampage thinks Acting Makes You Gay

Quinto Rampage Jackson had to put his fighting career on hold to star in The A-Team film and on the last day of shooting an LA Times reporter was there to interview Jackson.

What he saw was a brief altercation between Jackson and a crew member who shouted accusations of homophobia at Rampage. The offending crew member was escorted off, but Jackson’s statement after the fact didn’t help his case.

“That motherf*cker wanted me to punch him so he could sue me,” said Jackson, admitting that acting might affect his fighting career. “Acting is kind of gay. It makes you soft. You got all these people combing your hair and putting a coat over your shoulders when you’re cold. I don’t want a coat over my shoulders! I’m a tough-ass [individual]!”

In order to star in “The A-Team” movie, Jackson had to pull out of the mixed martial arts even UFC 107. He now somewhat regrets that decision. “Overall, I was glad I experienced the stuff. But sometimes I have mixed feelings. Sometimes I think, ‘Damn, I should have taken that fight,'” he said.

So perhaps that unnamed crew member was right. Jackson seems offended by the pampered star treatment equating it to the soft life of homosexuals (I know a few gay MMA fighters who would disagree with that assessment)

But Rampage is new to this acting thing and while I appreciate his genuine candor, a seasoned celebrity not wanting that situation to reflect badly on them would dismiss the accusations, not provide proof of them.

I am looking forward to seeing Rampage pull off the MrT role. I wasn’t expecting much from this non-actor but the trailers do make it look like he nailed it.

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9 thoughts on “Rampage thinks Acting Makes You Gay

  1. So, Rampage admits that he had “mixed feelings”. Well, that’s one dangerous step away from saying “My heart was all a-flutter”.

  2. LOL at “the few gay MMA fighters” Really?!?
    I don’t even know what you were getting at there but that was good.
    Y’think any of them want to fight Rampage though? or would they prefer to be pampered on a set somewhere?

    1. I know a number of people who practice MMA that also happen to be homosexuals, who would not be at all thinking that gay is a “soft” lifestyle.

      I didnt say they would want to fight a nationally ranked professional MMA athlete, just they would disagree.

  3. Ya he is homophobic I have met him and before i was introduced i heard him talking to his boys and he talks like every other fake rich brother still trying to potray the hood role. Evans nailed it saying that rampage is fake. I dont care that he is homophobic…many are. But why have lots of money and good friends if you still act like a fool.

  4. Quentin is right on the money. He is, in fact, acting like a diva.

    Look—it’s really simple. You can kick a lot of ass, but you are still a human being. Football players wear shoulder pads; does it make them less tough?

  5. I think this is more a case of his lack of vocabulary. Rampage seems like a cool dude and i doubt he is a gay basher. I hope so anyway.

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