Neill Blomkamp will Not Direct The Hobbit

The rumour that Peter Jackson’s protege Neill Blomkamp might take up directing The Hobbit has turned out to be a complete fabrication.

No one has even spoken to him about it, nor was he offered. At all.

ScreenJunkies reports:

An insider at his agency, William Morris Endeavor, confirms to Vulture that not only is Blomkamp not doing the movie, no one from MGM/United Artists or Warner Bros. has even contacted them about his directing the film.

This makes sense. The rumour did seem to come out of no where and contradicts Blomkamps own statements for his career path to stay away from big Hollywood studio films and remain independent. However trucks full of money are enough to divert a career path.

So the job is still open, and I imagine it will stay that way until MGM sorts out their spare change issues and another studio picks up the rights in auction.

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