Fraggle Rock Script is Not Edgy Enough

Cory Edwards wrote a script for the forthcoming Fraggle Rock film adaptation that he himself is directing, and it has been rejected by The Weinstein Company for not being ‘edgy enough.’

In his frustration over the situation he is being left out of the loop while they explore a new writer. He blog/vented the following statement which we get viaObsessed with Film

Not to be too alarmist, but I am struggling to stay in control of my own movie at this point. The Weinstein Company gives me no confidence these days. Why? For starters, they have begun the search for a new writer, presumably to rewrite my entire script from scratch. Now I’m a big boy — I can take the blow if my skills are not up to the high, high standards of the Weinstein Company (he said with too much sarcasm in his voice). But this is happening behind my back, without consulting me or even asking my opinion. I enjoy working with other writers and have no doubt that the RIGHT person could help make any script better. But to not even ask me? Adding insult to injury, the search is basically an open assignment. This means the net has been cast wide, virtually posting in the “classifieds” of the movie business. The Fraggles do not deserve such treatment.
I still have a deal to direct. Which means my hands WILL be on this script. That makes this move by the studio all the more baffling. Hey guys, you know what would be easier? Asking the director to help you get the script in shape, instead of running in your own circles and then showing me something later that I’ll probably hate.

Now I would be curious as to why they would leave their writer/director out of potential re-write consideration for many of the same reasons that Edwards states above. However, his assertation that he still has a deal to direct so he will still be involved in the long run might be a bit presumptuous.

Is it possible that this is one step to re-write and replacing their director too?

He might have a deal in place to direct, but deals get broken all the time. Sure, they might have to pay him out something but there is no guarantee he is going to keep that job.

We will have to see just how “edgy” the cute cuddly Fraggles get in the end of all this.

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6 thoughts on “Fraggle Rock Script is Not Edgy Enough

  1. This makes me sad on so many levels. By complete coincidence I just watched my first season of the Fraggles on DVD just the other day, taking particular time to watch a lot of the special features where they go into great detail describing Jim Henson’s vision for Fraggle Rock and it’s inherent simplicity and wholesome values for the entire world’s children entertainment.

    This “edging” it up of Fraggle seems fairly lame to me and just another reason they shouldn’t have pursued a movie version in the first place. It was never meant as a movie and shouldn’t be touched. There are some things that shouldn’t be messed with based on the creator’s vision and this is one of them.

    If this mess comes to fruition I’d love to see how much music is involved in the movie since, in Jim Henson’s own words, music makes up such a large integral part of Fraggledom.

    We’ll see but I won’t be holding my breath (or my tickets) for this movie.

  2. I’m thinking they make it with the creators of Bundock Saints

    After watching the evolution of the Chipmunks turn into MTV stars in the 2nd one and the chipmunk “whore-mones” flyin’ all over the place this shouldn’t shock me……but it does.

    maybee they get the old guy that has the hole in his wall and re-write him as a crck smokin’ homeless guy with a hole in his cardboard box.

  3. Ooh! Ooh! Maybe they’ll get Tarantino to edge it up a bit! I see… Boober and Gobo wearing suits, busting into apartments and holding guns to Dozer’s heads while yelling about the names of McDonalds sandwiches in France…

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