Empire Strikes Back Premake Trailer in the 1950s

I am very impressed with this fan made video that is dubbed a “premake” that explores what Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back would have looked like if it was “remade” in the 1950s.

Check out the trailer here.

This is very well done, and taps into both the style and feel of that long forgotten era of film as well as the adventure of The Empire Strikes Back.


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5 thoughts on “Empire Strikes Back Premake Trailer in the 1950s

  1. Uhm…

    Okay, here comes my naivette again, but any idea which films were used to put this together? I understand the fan-made part… but it’s just astounding to me that this was put together today, made from scratch.

    If it truly was all made from scratch, then this is insanely awesome.

    1. No, this trailer is 100% made up of clips from old scifi films/serials/tv shows. Click on the vid to go to the actual youtube page for it, and you’ll find a list of all the media this guy used to make it.

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