The Movie Blog Uncut Podcast: January 1st 2010

I know its been a couple of days since I promised that the UnCut Audio edition would be online, but we had some ftp server issues. But we have it now, so I hope you enjoy it!

This was my very first Podcast as Senior Editor here. My good friend Dave and I had a blast talking about our Top Ten of 2009 and Top Ten Anticipated 2010. We were on the air at the local University Radio station, but the files were edited to remove the commercials and public service announcements.

Here is the Shnotes:

1) Dave A and I Discuss out Top 10 movies of 2009

2) I discuss the films I wanted to see (that might have made it on my top ten list of 2009)

3) Dave A and I discuss our most anticipated films of 2010.

Note: There were a few mailbag questions that were addressed, and though I didn’t get to directly answer them mailbag style, they were inadvertantly discussed in the process.

To listen to the podcast, you can Download it here by either right clicking and “save target as” or left clicking and streaming it directly.

Special thanks to McMaster Radio CFMU 93.3FM who hosted my first podcast continuing the longest running Movie Podcast on the net! (may be the most inconsistent as well, but its never ended)

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38 thoughts on “The Movie Blog Uncut Podcast: January 1st 2010

  1. hey rodney ,,i had send u some questions via E-mail but u had not discussed any of them on podcast..?? and when is next podcast coming out?i am eager for it.

  2. “Longest running movie podcast on the net.” I still think that’s overstated and very laughable. Something has to be far more consistant to make such bold claims.

    1. You know of a movie podcast that started before ours that still has installments? Didn’t think so.

      Admittedly not the most consistent, but we are still the longest running regardless on your feelings on the subject.

      1. Well, it has nothing to do with “my feelings on the subject”. I’m glad you returned to doing a podcast. I think that’s awesome. But there hasn’t been one for about a year now. The return of a podcast and claiming to be the longest running one are two very different things and I think it is bold and arrogant to claim that you still can hold onto a faded memory of a once accurate statement. Get real, man … let that claim go. Just be happy that you are taking over and have a new podcast and great new future! It’s far more respectable than false claims.

      2. There were 2 in November, one in Oct and Sept had four, one in August and another in July. There have been podcasts here all year long.

        See that button at the top of the screen that says Uncut Podcast. Check it out.

        I will not “let that claim go” because its still accurate. It is not a false claim. If I said “the only podcast to air weekly without missing a date” then it would be inaccurate. But there have been podcasts at least monthly since we started.

      3. Wow.

        Its the oldest one, not the most consistent one.

        TMB NEVER said “this iss the most consistent podcast out there” they merely said they where the first


        And yeah- no shit there hasnt been a podcast… in the last couple of weeks theyve been adapting to a new look on the site, new editors, John leaving and more stuff.

      4. Whatever. So few and far between … far too few and far too far between … it’s a dead statement that only people who want to only be nice to you will not see through. I’m really not trying to be a dick here. I am very happy you are the one taking over and have the reigns. I am happy that you can keep the site going and are bringing it back to a noble site. I just don’t think this is a good way to go about starting that. It’s an overstatement of truth.

      5. Far between still means running.

        Your stretching of the term does not disqualify my statement. This is still the longest running movie related podcast on the net.

        No matter what extra circumstances you want to apply to the statement, the statement itself is still true.

        We were among the first and we are still doing them. Still running.

      6. How is it weak? Or even thin.

        Prove we are not still running? I have already illustrated your previous assumption that we havent had a podcast in a year was just blind speculation.

        Because its not running as frequent as you would like? Do shows like Simpsons not deserve the “longest running” title because they take 6 months of the year off from showing new episodes? Hell we are more consistent than that, so why can’t we hold the title?

        Your assumption is that because the podcasts are not frequent enough for YOUR liking that we don’t deserve to admit we have been doing this longer than anyone else?

        That is thin and weak.

  3. Anyone else try to download these on their iPhone??? Mine ain’t working. The prior podcasts work fine, but this one’s being elusive. Any hints, or am I outta luck???

  4. WTF! That podcast was awesome! How come youve never done podcasts before???

    1) I loved ROTF, i think were the only 2 people in the planet that liked it

    2) I thought Monsters vs Aliens was trash

    3) Was the guy in FANBOYS really the guy from AICN???s

    4) “The crappiest Pixar movie is better then anything Disneys ever done” although i agree.. i believe youre forgetting about The Lion King. Please watch it again

    5) omg you havent seen WTWTA? I wept at the very end… i loves The Wild Things

    6) Paranormal Activity was NOT scary AT ALL. NOT BY THE SLIGHTEST BIT.

    7) NInja Assassin had the best action of any movie ive ever seen ever… it was so beast. I knew it would be gore.. but when i left i couldnt believe how much more it delivered

    8) Rodney, theyre making 5 Twilight movies. Theyre splitting Breaking Dawn in 2. And the fight scenes that didnt happen at the end of Jacob and Bella’s book… will be edited in.

    1. Yes, Harry Knowles from AICN did in fact play himself in the film.

      I do love classic Disney and I think they are going to be hard pressed to ever hit that high again (not saying they cant but Lion King and that era is gold) but Pixar has ALWAYS knocked it out of the park for me.

      I don’t know if you are pulling my leg about the Twilight thing, because I haven’t heard of such a thing. But it doesn’t matter. After the third book, I am done anyways. The fourth book was the LONGEST most pointless epilogue in any franchise. Ever.

      Thanks for listening James!

      1. Dammit you are right! Holy CRAP did that guy look and act exactly like him though. I had to look it up to prove you wrong and there it was Ethan Suplee (most recently seen as Jason Lee’s sidekick on My Name is Earl)

        Thanks man!

    2. I agree any Pixar film is better then ANY Disney film, with the exeption of my all time 2nd favorite film (Shakespeare in Love is my #1) The Lion King

      Oh no, im serious. Its official, theyre editing the movie so that the ending of Jacobs book (1st half of breaking dawn, wolfpack part) has a huge fight between the packs
      And theyre editing the end of Bellas book (2nd half) so the gathering against the volturi ends in a huge fight.
      And theyre splitting these two halves into 2 movies.

      Its a great financial move, Twilight makes so much money… why not pull off one more movie?

      Just google “splitting breaking dawn into two movies” and youll find it. its kind of old news.

      1. Im sorry, i MUST say this. I wanted to mention this but i forgot, and i must say it.

        One of the scenes that made me laugh the MOST in any movie ever MADE was the part in which some guy in FANBOYS gets a tattoo of Jar Jar Binks… i forgot what he said, but he said something while pointing at the tattoo that made me cry and howl in laughter nonstop for.. i dont know… 10 minutes

    3. James, I’m glad you enjoyed it, but I have to say that, aside from the opening scene (which was in the realm of “so bad it’s good”), I thought “Ninja Assassin” was so bad that I felt like barfing up more blood than they were spilling on screen (which was A LOT). I thought it was an absolute waste of the talent involved (and one of the more hideous scripts in recent memory), which is too bad because I really liked “V For Vendetta” a lot and was looking forward to “Ninja”. Oh well, at least someone liked it.

      1. Ninja Assassin was a horrible movie to say the least… it was SO CHEESY… i knew the ending as soon as it started.

        But i didnt say it was the best action movie ever, i said it was the best action in any movie ive ever seen. big difference.

        The action in that movie REALLY surprised me. I cannot for my life find a movie with better action. I counted 13 fight scenes in that movie, and they were ALL amazing.

        But it wasnt just the fight scenes… when the ninjas whispered.. or sneaked up on people.. holy shit that was handled beautifully.

        But yes as a movie it blew chunks

    1. Choose the “Basic Download”.

      The following page has a timer for about 20 seconds that turns into a download link. You don’t have to be a member.

      There is a server issue with our FTP upload so I cannot link it directly to the site. I am trying a few different file storage services right now.

      1. Thank you Rodneynibbles =]]

        I went for the other one, i never go basic… James always goes high speed. I always aim for the top. thats why i never got Swine flu or HIV or any of that shit.

        Btw i apologize for future and past vulgar/offensive comments towards some readers.

        “Troll until banned. Make another account.” is my quote

        k the audio thing is downloading now.

        till i wait ill eat some skittles

    1. Its one file to download. You dont have to download any other tools or junk. Just click on the basic download button (it makes you wait 20 seconds or so) and the download button will appear on the next page.

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