New Cop Out Poster Online

A new poster is out for Cop Out staring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan with Stiffler.

I am really curious to see Cop Out, the deliciously ironic title for Kevin Smith’s A Couple of Dicks.Mostly because it is Smith’s first film he is directing that he didn’t write, and also because the trailer looked bad and I want to believe that it was just the trailer.

I love Kevin Smith, and I have grown to like Tracy Morgan (even though he looks like he is just his 30 Rock character in this) but I still want to like it.


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7 thoughts on “New Cop Out Poster Online

  1. Will be there opening weekend….for sure, hope Smith pull it of, honestly from the trailer I think it might be better than Zack and Miri that was OK but not a classic Smith film in my opinion….

  2. Sharin’ the same love for Silent Bob as well.
    I really like his writing and dialouge in his films. THE STUFF IS MAD FUNNY.and I think he in askew’d way paved the way for Apatow comedies like Knocked up and Superbad (in the witty raunchy kind of way). When I saw Clerks for the first time I was blown away how such a “little” film in black and white spoke to me in such a manner as if I were friends with these types of people..

    We all (I think) can relate to Randall and Dante.

    all his films including Jersey Girl were a treat to watch and I’m eagerly awaitng more from him…

    Really wish he would of written this one..
    as directing he’s not somebody I would hold up next to the “elite, seeing a movie cause he directed it” guy’s, but as a fan I’ll still watch.

    Snoochie Boochies!

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