Lord and Miller talk 21 Jump Street

When Jonah Hill starts talking I can’t take him seriously. So when he said his adaptation of 21 Jump Street was not going to be a parody, I wanted to believe him. But somehow I didn’t fully buy into that until now. Phil Lord and Chris Miller were caught chatting up the subject and confirmed it, and also dropped a bit about a possible Johnny Depp cameo.

I think it would be appropriate to have Johnny Depp do a cameo. Either as a completely unrelated character or even to tie this movie to the original series and have him appear as the character he played, who has moved on and perhaps now training young undercover cops.

I will be waiting to see how this all works. The nostalgia factor for the original show combined with an updated look is intriguing. I think Jonah Hill is the puzzle peice that refuses to fit in my head.


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One thought on “Lord and Miller talk 21 Jump Street

  1. 21 jumpstreet was a awesome show and this could be cool. How chubby got involved is beyond crazy but if it gets a PG13 or R rating it could work cause Jonah has to say FUCK to be funny.

    Richard Grecko anyone?

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