Brock Reviews ‘DayBreakers’

First off, let me say that this is my first review. If I totally muck it up, let me know. I will try and make it better next time and the time after that. I will try my best to avoid spoilers or warn you if one might be coming up.

Thanks for checking out Brock’s Daybreakers review


The world as we know it is run by Vampires and we humans are the minority. There is one fatal flaw however, and that is the blood supply is on the verge of exhaustion. With blood levels running low, the Vampires start feeding off each other until a substitute can be found by Chief hematologist Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawke). The remaining humans have other ideas.


One of the things I loved right away was the idea that the humans live underground and the Vampires rule. This was quite the switch from the typical vampire movies. They are not in hiding, they are not second class citizens, they run everything.

I loved the fact that when the Vampires are deprived of blood, something else happens to them. Minor Spoiler warning here but, another class of Vampire citizen is created, which is really cool how they worked this into the film. An homage to the stereotypical Vampire.

Daybreakers was good fun with tons blood splatter and gore, they really used the R-Rating to full effect here. There were several attempts for the ‘jump out of your seat’ and it worked well at times. Plenty of action, explosions and car chase scenes. Without giving anything away, the ‘cure’ or ‘substitute’ they ultimately find, has never been done before.


First off, I love Vampire movies. I cannot get enough of True Blood and I have even seen *gulp* Twilight. The first thing that stood out that I didn’t like was that the Vampires were pussies. They had no special powers, there weren’t fast, they weren’t strong. Basically, they were just like us except they didn’t age and couldn’t go tanning.

During the movie I couldn’t stop thinking that I was watching I am Legend from the infected point of view. If you have seen I am Legend, you have basically seen Daybreakers. If the infected could talk (And they did communicate), this is the movie it would be. Not 100% sure this is a bad thing or good thing, but it distracted me a little bit while watching.

Lastly, the premise was interesting but it was NOT well executed, particularly the ending.


While Daybreakers will not win any awards, it is what it is. It’s a good action flick with a new spin on an old tale. The simple switch from Vampires being the ones that are in charge, have a military and police force and hunt the minority (Humans) was enough to keep me satisfied and entertained through out the movie.

So in closing, I give Daybreakers a 6 out of 10.

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