Avatar really just Pocahontas?

I had a good laugh at this. Someone went through and compared the Avatar story with Pocahontas in a brief summary. Yes the story has been told a million times (Dances with wolves, Fern Gully, Battle for Terra), but this is just damn funny none the less.


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36 thoughts on “Avatar really just Pocahontas?

  1. my english teacher was talking about that the other day! :) honestly, visually, avatar was fantastic! but the story was just meh. the only reason people enjoyed that movie was because of the visual effects.

  2. my english teacher was talking about that the other day! :) honestly, visually, avatar was fantastic! but the story was just meh. the only reason people enjoyed that movie was because of the visual effects.

  3. I can agree that yes it does come close to pocafuckherface, but hey he made a couple of bucks on it and if you can do that and get away with it, I give him props. Either way it’s still a better love story that twilight :D

  4. You’re entitled to your opinion, of course, but comments like that are a short trip to a long flaming.
    And I do respectfully disagree with your opinion of the movie. I believe that Avatar sold well because it tells a story that anyone from any age group can relate to and understand, in a way that shows a fairly realistic protrayal of the human race – though a little too stereotypical of the natives, military forces, and corporatations – and does it with absolutely stunning and immersive visuals.
    and it does this well.
    that’s my two cents.

  5. It’s funny how you people get all sensitive and type long and detailed comments when the message is “You like it or you don’t”
    The movie’s only good because it appeals to Furries, and it took a lot of money to create.

  6. I am a 13 year old…this may be a stupid question….
    if Pandora did’nt have oxygen (everyone used to gasp without a mask) then how come the fires blazed on the planet?

    1. It has an atmosphere. It wasn’t devoid of Oxygen, but clearly there was air of some sort or the propeller driven aircraft wouldn’t work either.

      The air that was there was poisonous to humans, that’s all.

  7. If they would’ve just not made the Navi so American Indian-like, the Pocahontas bit wouldn’t have crossed my mind. But they had bow and arrows, ride horses, painted their faces, and their war cries and hoots sounded so AmIndian that it just ruined my immersion into their world. I mean they stretched the imagination so much on creating a believable alien world (the plants, trees, insects, animals, floating islands, etc.) couldn’t they have stretched a bit more to create an alien weapon rather than bows and arrows?? Make them ride the cats rather than the Horses? Gave them a different war cry, etc? They clearly patterned the aliens to be like American Indians, so now it’s too obvious a comparison.

    1. i know this is a LOOONG time ago and that your probably never gonna see this but its not American Indians lmao its Native Americans.

      plus i think its not about the native americans at all but about Africans and there “old” culture that they had or used to practice one example of the culture/religion is Igbo Religion.

      in the movie they even used the word deities.
      I understand that why people would think that they resembled native americans but its actually supposed to be the Africans and their religion atleast thats what i see. Eywa sounds very similar to what the African gods names too.

  8. Hey if the formula works then why not? I dont think it was that noticeable as he made it out to be but the comparison is amusing.

    Bottom line, I enjoyed Avatar and nothing is gonna change that. So all the conspiracy theorists and etc. can keep posting but my minds already made up.

  9. most ig budget movies coming out nowadays just focus on the FX, the story can go to hell for all they care… they just want to rake in the summer moolah or just want to show off that they are rich enough to afford the bleeding edge in technology… went into Avatar expecting only FX and nothing else, and I must say I came out pretty satisfied. My girlfriend wanted a story and came out really disappointed… it’s really sad, but that’s the sad truth…

  10. oh one more thing.
    what makes them original is “THE WRITING!”.
    Dialog in Avatar, suspect at best.
    Take what the guys said about the Hangover and Dude Car movie. One had excellent writing and story telling while the other had Demi’s Son-Husband.

  11. So let me get this straight.
    Every movie has…
    1.) Evil Military Guy
    2.) Greedy Corporate Guy
    3.) Natives that care about the land
    4.) Good scientists who warn above people

    Come on, I understand its visually exciting movie but stop saying all movies are predictable.
    All the sudden your fanboy defense comes out when you pan other films for the exact same predictablility? The is Camerons movies rehashed with great effects, nothing more, nothing less. See Evil Military Leaders and Greedy Corporate types and good scientists in all his other movies. Now stop it, its a great looking popcorn flick, not Casablanca. Or “Dances with Wolves on FernGully”

  12. It is funny but movies have been doing this for the longest, its just how the story is told which makes it unique. Take The Hangover, that plotline has been done before with Dude Where’s My Car? both have the same plot but one movie sucked while the other movie was great.

  13. Although this was pretty funny.

    This can be done to absolutely ANY MOVIE EVER MADE.

    Nothing is new, name any movie out there, and i SWEAR i can find a movie that had the same amount of differences Avatar had with Pocahontas or Dances with Wolves.

    Every movie from the last 10 years was made from a pre-existing plot. There are NO more original movies anymore.

    Taking something and making it original in your own words is as close to original as youre going to get (Twilight, Avatar, District 9)

    Its really REALLY sad when a movie does good, the bandwagon of assholes that LOVE to hate on movies a mass majority of people like comes along and does shit like this.

    (im not talking about this funny post, that was for comedy relief, im talking about every website saying AVATAR is unoriginal)

    This is only happening because Avatar is doing so well, and the group of douchebags that ALWAYS do this, come along and start saying the most (most) retarded things ever. Like; “Avatar copied Dances with wolves”

    This is only a taste of what teenage girls get. Every single movie, show, cartoon, store, book or anything that is made for teenage girls or teenage boys is completely rejected.
    When a bad kids movie comes out (Sinbad animated film, monster house) people kinda forgive it and forget about it.
    When shit like Twilight or High School musical is released… people automatically hate on it without ever seeing it.
    Its what they like, so what, leave it alone and go watch IronMan.
    No other genre is frowned upon as much as that one. I dont know why.

    Is Avatars fault. They should have NEVER advertised the movie this much, saying it was “THE BEST MOVIE EVER” and that it will “CHANGE MOVIES FOREVER”
    Once it started building all that hype, these people got their panties soaked and started writing shit about it.
    Horrible advertising from Avatar’s point.

  14. ppl need to get off this whole “oh that movie is just like that movie and is jsut a rip off of that movie” because it doesn’t really matter. you could play that game with every movie out today.

    Avatar was an amazing and beautiful movie and I am going to go see it a second and a third time.

    1. I agree bjon86, is like every movie site i go to, is like they’re always making fun or saying somthing negative bout Avatar, i know the story sounds familiar, but it fits perfect for a movie like avatar to introduce this world and the new technolgy to show it of.

    2. Every movie is predictable. You can predict just about every outcome of a situation well before it happens.

      Except for those movies who intentionally build up something to happen then completely disregard it and do the opposite (funny games)

      But since most films follow a formula. You are bound to have similarities with the millions of movies that have been made. Not just movies but any story. It even happens in music. You can hear a song and think it sounds just like this other song. In some cases (rap music) they intentionally “borrow” other peoples music and use it as their own.

      When “Dances with Wolves” came out I don’t remember people coming out the wood word claiming the story was just a “Pocahontas” ripoff. Since Avatar is so popular though. That’s all you ever read anymore. Is how the story is just a rip off of this or a rip off of that. Then of course you get the back handed compliment. About how the visuals are amazing. Just accept the movie as it is. Either you like it or you don’t.

      It seems to be human nature to focus on every flaws no matter how little or insignificant and try to trash something that is popular.

      1. @”It seems to be human nature to focus on every flaws no matter how little or insignificant and try to trash something that is popular.”

        The problem is people can’t accept that this film has flaws, just like TDK. That is why this film is the most over-rated film of all time.

        You take away the visuals and what do you have? Nothing, but good characters.
        @” Then of course you get the back handed compliment. About how the visuals are amazing.”

        Yes, we can give credit where its DUE, but the people that love this movie can’t except that it has flaws, especially in its plot. And, if someone mentions one of these flaws then they are “haters”, just like with TDK.

        PS: I gave this film a 4.5 out of 5 on my blog.

      2. People will nitpick at eveything, especially if it’s popular. It’s human nature to want to belittle the champion (“champion” referring to popularity/box office).

      3. @”People will nitpick at eveything, especially if it’s popular”

        Yes, if it we are pick out a flaw, then were “nit-picking”(rolls eyes).

        Funny, Transformers films were popular, but when we talk about that films flaws, then its OK.Ah, hypocrisy.

      4. You obviously missed the point. Nitpicking is when a person is actively searching for flaws to a degree that it becomes absurd and diminishes the experience.

        If a film is popular, it’s obviously going to attract more criticism for the tiniest little things which are really isignificant. Even Transformers 2 was nitpicked to a ridiculous degree, even though it rightly deserves criticism for it’s flaws.

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