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  1. Everyone I know LOVED Half Blood Prince. I agree that there a lot of very big scenes missing – not to mention a pretty anti-climactic battle scene at the end at Hogwarts – but I still really really liked the movie. Goblet of Fire remains my favorite.

    If you guys read the books – then Prisoner of Azkaban would be nowhere NEAR your favorite movie. They absolutely ruined that film.

    1. “If you guys read the books – then Prisoner of Azkaban would be nowhere NEAR your favorite movie. They absolutely ruined that film.”

      100% agreed!

  2. I thought Half-Blood Prince was just fine.OoTP was my favorite but HBP stands on its own as a good movie. Can’t wait for the last two movies in this series.

  3. Okay how do you get the video to play? I am using Safari and nothing happens with exception for the springboard logo. I go to the same link in Firefox and I get a DVD trailer for the Dennis Quade sci-fi movie. How can I see the HP trailer?

  4. Really, am I the only one here that loved Half-Blood Prince? I thought it was in many ways the best of the movies (yes, better than Azkaban, quit staring at me like I’ve grown horns). And as for anyone that says that the first two were the best, I say “Nice to meet you Chris Columbus’ mom… You’re not? Oh, in that case, I deduce you have a debilitating narcotics habit.”

    Seriously, Chamber of Secrets was awful.

    1. The first two Harry Potter films are some of the best in the series. I put them way above the third, fifth and sixth. They actually had some magic that was lost when the new direction took over.

  5. Personally I liked the Half Blood Prince. It wasn’t until I watched it that I decided I needed to read the books. Sure the movie must be able to stand alone without the book, blah, blah, blah… but, personally I think people that watch a movie based on a book should also read the book… I’m probably alone in that opinion. Can’t wait to see the next final movies and see how they compare.

    (Don’t get me wrong, I had some issues with the movie, but since I have read the book… I personally don’t mind filling stuff in via my knowledge of the book.)

  6. The people responsible for making the trailers for Potter movies always do fantastic job. Even if the movie sucks (and by the ‘movie’ I mean ‘Half Blood Prince).

      1. With no ego i can seriously say, that i could direct the Harry Potter movies and capture the heart and spirit of the books.

        And i vow to not say a word about Hermione’s PMS or Ron’s Quidditch skills when i direct them.

        Sure, the last couple of them were ACCEPTABLE. But compared to the books theyre such shit. I know theyre supposed to stand on their own, but if the movie sucks and the book was good then the director is a fucking idiot, period.

        Is Voldemort even alive in the Harry Potter movies?

  7. (btw i am the #1 harry potter fan in the world)

    This is going to suck so much balls!
    Like, this movie will make movies like Battlefield Earth, Critters and “Juice” look like Avatar and “UP”

    i cannot begin to explain how bad this movie will be. the ammount of horrible negative and hilariously bad scenes in this movie will be so dense and concentrated, the asudience will be mindfucked into ripping their balls off and eating their own lungs.

    Such GENIUS, wonderful PERFECT books… it blows my mind how they can be turned into such steaming piles of dried up camel sperm

    “Do you love Ron?”
    “I dont know, he loves Lavender”
    “Lavender is only infatuated… i dont think they really love each other”
    “Its so great we have such wonderful lives.. free of threat and no danger of crazy terrorist groups worshiping a dark lord out to kill us”
    “I know, its cool. hey- are you going to eat that?”

    1. Remember, you don’t know unless you’ve seen the film. You don’t know whether it’ll suck or not.

      Personally, I still believe that you are looking at this film the wrong way. You gotta look at it as a film, not an adaptation. But I’ll let you do your thing and I’ll do mine. Whatever.

      Plus, they split the film into two parts because there were things in the book they couldn’t cut. So don’t give up yet.

      And plus, there is no way in HELL that this film could be worse than Battlefield Earth.

  8. I know it’s a silly question, but have any of these kids done anything else besides H.P.?

    The girl looks like the one who could stand out the best of the three..

    1. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry) has had some success on the stage in Equus.

      Rupert Grint (Ron) has been in a couple of smaller English films including the excellent Driving Lessons with Laura Linney.

      Emma Watson (Hermione) starred in a very good BBC film called Ballet Shoes and voiced the Princess in the so-so Tale of Desperaux.

  9. I agree with Joshua Brown. Half Blood Prince was a huge let down. I understand the need to trim for time but it was a tremendous random mess of a movie.

    Heck, the only reason I feel like I really knew what was going on was because I’ve read the books.

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