New How to Train Your Dragon Trailer Online

Dreamworks is headed to release the animated adaptation of the book How to Train Your Dragon from the Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III series of books.

A new trailer is online and looks endearingly charming.

Dreamworks has been hit or miss on their animated features, but I enjoy a number of them, and my kids love this book series so I am willing to give it a shot.

That dragon giggle makes me laugh.


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10 thoughts on “New How to Train Your Dragon Trailer Online

  1. Dunno, still looks a little funny to me. In a bad way.

    For e.g. the main dragon . . . please could someone used more than the preset 3D shapes in 3DMax to build him up?

  2. Dreamworks Animation is a 50/50 gamble for me..IDK why.

    and who really cares about another Shrek flick.

    it ran outta gas after the 2nd.

    should be straight to DVD

    1. That is funny. When I was watching the trailer I thought the dragon look like Stich. This movie looks like it might be good, usually I am not a fan of DreamWorks animations but this looks like it could change that.

  3. I think this is dreamworks best looking film. It deffinatly looks better then Shrek 4. Im excited, for it! Ive never read the books, but would there be a chance of a sequal or series based on the books?

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