Mel Gibson’s Movie Causes Protest in Veracruz

It wouldn’t be a Mel Gibson film if there wasn’t some protests around it. But this one is just silly.

A film is set to return Gibson to Veracruz, (he filmed Apocalypto there) where part of a prison will be emptied to make way for his crew. Protesters are up in arms because they believe that this will cause their loved ones to be temporarily moved to another facility and make it inconvenient for them to visit!

Hollywood Reporter er.. reports:

About 300 relatives of inmates at a Mexican prison where Mel Gibson is reportedly scheduled to make a movie protested outside the facility Tuesday, fearing their loved ones will be moved to make way for the production.

The group of protesters said it would be harder to visit inmates or bring them food if they are transferred out of the Gulf coast city of Veracruz.

One protester held a sign that read “No transfers to make a movie.”

Sorry, but I have no sympathy for the “convenience” of you visiting your criminal relatives. You should thank whatever deity you worship that they even let you visit with these degenerates to begin with!

The prison will clearly be benefitting financially by letting Gibson film his movie there, and that might mean better facilities or repairs that might make your incarcerated relatives stay even marginally less abusive. Maybe not, but that still doesn’t matter.

That they would even fight for the “rights” of these inmates is laughable considering those held inside do not even deserve the basic right to walk freely among their fellow citizens.

Now if they said that his filming would cause inhumane distress on them, or other violations that are unfair even to criminals, then fine. Protest. But that they MIGHT be moved to a different facility to accomodate the film crew is hardly an issue.

Especially since the guy in charge of the Prison said that a section would be cleared, and that moving them to another facility is just a rumour.

And we thought Mel was Crazy. lol

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22 thoughts on “Mel Gibson’s Movie Causes Protest in Veracruz

  1. Touchy subject matter I guess, hey you think that’s the same prison from that 80’s(what else) Steve Guitenburg and Julie Hagarty movie: Bad Medicine?

    if it is all those guys had “The Clap”

  2. Well, even if it doesnt matter to you, because you do not believe in studies, there are actually strong evidence that prisoners have a much greater chance of evading future criminality if having frequent contact with their families.

    I’m done with this.

    1. And there is strong evidence that prison is a preferred deterent to crime and a controlled environment for rehabilitation.

      But that doesn’t mean its infalable as well. You are done because your springboard for this debate we cannot have is flimsy.

      1. Because your “arguements” are just as flimsy.

        Its a pointless debate. You suggest that your opinion on the matter is justifiable with “studies” while google can provide just as many “studies” that disagree.

        Furthermore, this is not a forum for debating your opinion on criminal reform, nor does it have any application to the topic above.

        The people are protesting against a group that has already publicly stated they are not doing what the people are protesting about… and even if they were, they don’t care what the criminals (or their families) want.

        Your opinion on whether visitors contribute to their reform is irrelevant.

  3. “You should thank whatever deity you worship that they even let you visit with these degenerates to begin with!”

    Now wait a minute, you know that only few there are murderers and rapists, do you?
    Those are also family fathers and have loved ones too. For a kid visiting his dad once a week or a wife wanting to see his husband for 30 minutes per week is not really that outrageous, is it?

    Being moved to another prison, which is hundred miles away, is just a money issue – and especially those families rarely have that money.

    “That they would even fight for the “rights” of these inmates is laughable considering those held inside do not even deserve the basic right to walk freely among their fellow citizens.”

    1. I do understand that these people want to see their family members. But if they are inconvenienced for a few weeks while some of them get transfered, they can deal with it.

      These criminals do not DESERVE to see their families, regardless of their crimes. They are in jail to be punished. Now we have to give them nice things?

      They get fed, clothed and medical attention on demand. That is all they “deserve”. That their families might not get to see them for a short while is not an important issue to protest.

      1. So, if you got convicted for lets say punching a guy that you thought were attacking someone in your family. Would you wilingly accept that you were not allowed to meet your family and think that your punishment was just? What if some people in that prison were inprisoned for political reasons? What if some of them got jailed because of a corrupt system? Do you know antything about the conditions in a mexican prison?

      2. How do you know they are not?

        People don’t get jail time for petty crimes or finable assaults. Jail (even in Mexico) is for more serious crimes like grand theft, aggrivated assault, and other more serious crimes. Someone who commited a petty crime is not sent to a facility like the one in question.

        The fact remains that they are trying to appease to an organization designed to PUNISH people by saying they shouldn’t punish them “that much”. Its going to fall on deaf ears regardless of your feelings on the topic.

        The prison is only concerned with maintaining security and humane conditions. Nothing mroe.

      3. Most studies shows that prison leads to an increase in offences, and the less money put in rehabilitation means larger ammount of crimes afterwards, and an increase of its severity. Dont you think that inmates find more strength for fighting for a crime free future by meeting their families, then by getting involved in the other types of recreation they might find in a prison invironment?

      4. Studies show that people quote studies that are not absolute evidence to support an argument. This is not the place to debate whether the prison is effective at its job. Thats a whole different point.

        Doesn’t matter what I think of the situation. They are fighting for the “right” to visit people they intend to punish.

        Even when they tell them that moving the prisoners isn’t happening they don’t listen and still protest.

  4. I love movies but I am if the opinion that this should not come first, mainly for the visitors as well as the people inside.

    It maybe hard for people to get there to visit the people they love already, for some it may have been their first visit, some of them may not even deserve to be there.

    Let’s not punish the people who care about the people in jail for the sake of a movie schedule

    1. Well, Im from México, and of course, the protest may sound crazy, but you must know that here (and everywhere) the politicians are not the most beloved ones, and they are not making any gift to Mr. Gibson and crew, they will get some money for that, and i will protest just for that, because i pay my taxes every month, and obviously part of that money serves to give food an supllies to our jailbird fellows, so…

      How much i get for this ???

      The families may complain about a “possible or not” change of location, but im still paying for it, because thats the law, and i dont want to be in a prison, so, from my point of view, i lose in any case . =)

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