Frozen Trailer now available

This movie actually has me somewhat excited. I was a big fan of open water and this looks to be the same type of story. There has been some pretty good buzz about it already. Take a look at the trailer and you be the judge.

Latino Review gives us the scoop:

Written and directed by Adam Green (Hatchett), Frozen follows three snowboarders (Kevin Zegers, Shawn Ashmore, and Emma Bell) who are stranded on a chairlift when their ski resort shuts down operation for the week. Battling hypothermia, the dark, and the impossible height at which they are stranded, the three must figure out a way back home.

I like it!

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16 thoughts on “Frozen Trailer now available

  1. I got an idea in the same kinda genre..

    getting stuck inside a filthy Mobil gas station bathroom on New Years eve and the toilets overflowing with the last dudes smelly dung.

    now thats scary

  2. I think the premise looks really cool but I doubt the premise can hold for a feature film. If they get down from that lift early on in the film, it might be interesting to watch but if they stay on that lift for 2 hours discussing the meaning of life, I’m out.

  3. 1: Ski resorts always do checks to make sure this kinda s**t NEVER happens, because they would be out of business if it did. Seeing as this is a fictional film though and u have to have something to create the storyline we’ll let that one go

    2: Having said that, 3 college kids could climb down no problem, towers are only 50 ft apart. Raccooning along the wire 25 ft shouldn’t be a problem for someone that age.

    3: People fall off lifts every year and survive, about 50% of the time without serious injuries. They have 3 tries for someone to get a safe landing.

    Bottom Line IMO: this movie is a joke if they want people to take it seriously, but could be a good time if you want to go see a good bad movie. I know I’ll be laughing my a** off the whole time.

  4. Heh, crazy. It’s like Open Water, but on a ski lift.

    I’ve thought about this a long time ago, that maybe getting stuck way up high on a ski lift could happen and how bad it would suck. Never been skiing, nor do I ever plan to, so haven’t given it any thought in a long time though.

    I loved Hatchet, so this could be good too. Except this seems allot more serious then Hatchet was. Still, I can’t help but wonder how they can stretch out 3 people stuck on a ski lift for 90 minutes and make it good.

  5. dont understand the negativity, i think it looks good, a genuine fucked u situation. to me situations/accidents like that are more scary than serial killers…ill be looking out for this one

  6. With jaws its man vs shark impossible situation an most likely your gonna die,But man vs height an cold weather.C,MON its just simply climbing down i would assume.although it looks like that will be tested in the movie.

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