First Look at Sex and the City 2

I never watched Sex and the City. I have a penis.

However one thing I did pick up on was the product placement in the first film. Mercedes Benz had a big crossover campaign with the Four Whoresmen of the Apocalypse.

So now we get our first look at the sequel, and surprise surprise, the first image the studio chooses to present to the public has a Mercedes front and center!


Romantic Comedy. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda take another bite out of the Big Apple in the sequel to the 2008 summer blockbuster.

And with a synopsis like that.. how can the movie fail??

I am sure there will be more to it, but honestly I don’t care. Just thought the product placement was rather blunt.

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30 thoughts on “First Look at Sex and the City 2

  1. I saw SOME of the movie, and as far as I could tell there were no story, meaning there were no one trying to achieve something where in there were obstacles. But that might just have been me not being a girl

    1. Yea, I found those remarks funny too. Really made me laugh Rodney, I had no idea you could be so humorous.

      Overall, I have zero desire to see this film or the previous one and any of the tv shows for that matter. I did watch an episode a few years ago to see what the fuss was all about, shoulda just took a nap instead. That is an hour of my life I will never get back.

  2. “Waynes World” did the best with Product Placements

    come to think of it it was half the movie..all Mike Myers movies for that matter

  3. I don’t get what people’s problem is with product placement. Even if it’s really obvious product placement. All in all, it doesn’t take away from the story. In my opinion, it just adds a sense of realism to the film because they are actual brands in real life.

    1. It is a problem when it’s done ridiculously blatant, as has become the trend in Hollywood. It just takes you away from the world you’re immersed in when, in X scene, the camera suddenly pulls away and focuses, for no other reason than to show it, on whichever brand is paying for the space.

  4. Hey, you know what, I have a penis and I watched “Sex and The City” when it was on HBO and I’ve seen the movie twice on DVD.

    Believe it or not, the show is intelligent, funny, well-written, beautifully acted, and there are even b-o-o-b-i-e-s for those of you out there with penises.

    It’s a good show. You should all give it a chance. It won’t neuter you, I swear.

    1. and there are even b-o-o-b-i-e-s for those of you out there with penises.”

      That fact that it shows boobs doesn’t make me anymore interested. If I wanna see tits I’ll go watch porn on the Internet, and spare myself the sheer stupidity of that show.

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