Spike Video Game Awards to Feature Tron Legacy Game Trailer

Spike TV has a epileptic enducing rapidfire sneak peak of the Tron Video game that will be released to promote the film. During their Video Game Awards show, they will have a longer trailer for the game that will likely give us some insight into the film.

It makese sense that they would release games alongside the film. Tron was about a game designer sucked into his own computer that creates the games and fights against the Master Control Program. Power Discs, and of course Light Cycles.

Its just right that they release games for us to geek out over too!


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2 thoughts on “Spike Video Game Awards to Feature Tron Legacy Game Trailer

  1. Loved the original Tron movie, I remember when it was playing in the theatres StarWars was also playing on a re-release basis…

    The new trailer Ive seen seem’s very (bad) video gameish. (the one with the bikes and Lebowski’s image on the helmet) Not pumped yet for this at all.

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